Random output.

think i’m pretty much fucked….600/1500 words that are completely irrelevant to my paper. have to skim it down to something that sounds remotely intelligent. i’ve been trying to ‘start’ writing properly since 2pm. then I went shopping…bought a slutty top and a purple tweed miniskirt (yay). thanks mom! mwahs. had loads of roasted chinese honey whatever chestnuts (called funglut in cantonese btw). i wanna buy more shoes. and bags. and black eyeliner. had crabs for dinner. i think i had a kilo of them. supersize roe. couldn’t help myself. feeling like a tub of cholestrol now. but nice. i love mom’s new ride. i wanna drive it. she absolutely objects to the idea. so spacious, if it were mine it’s gonna be my permanent shag ride. serious. someone make me do my paper. deadline’s tomorrow. i’m a goner. i’m fat and stupid and lazy and bored. flunking this. i hate school. i wanna lose 10 kilos. chit-chatted with auntie about career path and she’s got a point. i wanna lose 10 kilos. i gonna find something to munch on now, do my paper and then from 12am onwards, forever stick to my diet. promise. i really miss the b.

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