Don’t mind me while I rant.

It’s 5 minutes to 3am and I’m still hovering around 500 words. That’s 1/6 of the paper I have to hand in by 5pm today. It’s about “Downsizing” in case you’re interested. What do I care about downsizing? I don’t give a flying fuck. Stupid people should be fired (except me). Lazy people should be fire (except me). Ugly people should be fired (except me). Survivors who are disturbed by the firing should be fired next. What should companies do? Retain the evil, smart, unscrupulous, money hungry, like-minded employees who don’t give a flying fuck about those fired. Then give them a pay rise, profit-sharing privileges, company cars, lifetime supply of Mcdonald’s and whatsnot….you know, just so you could grab them by their balls of something. Make them totally dependent on the company, deprive them of any options of leaving by fucking up their references with means such as blogs, chain emails, friendster testimonials etc, yeah fucking imprison them so that they’d slave for you in delusions.

And this shenanigan about stewardesses being discriminated for being pregnant, old and stuff. Fuck off and let the younger generation experience life of serving coffee in the sky and travelling everywhere, earning fat cheques while at it. Who asked you not to fucking do something with your money when you had it? Buying the latest CD bag does not constitute to doing something with it, ok? You fucking ugly, old, fat buggers are just being selfish. Bugger off and get a real job now. Give others a chance, ok?

This ass-licking blog culture is getting on my nerves. Get a fucking life and write about it.

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