Good food at Ah Lye Curry Fish Head, Subang SS19

Just want to share with you guys this place I went for lunch recently. It’s called Ah Lye Curry Fish Head and it’s located in SS19, Subang.

# – Ah Lye Curry Fish Head.

I love fish head curries but only the ones sold in chinese joints. I don’t mind the ones by indians…but I always find them slightly too spicy for me and I don’t mean spicy as in heat. Sorry, am racist when it comes to fish head curries.

Maybe I haven’t found a good indian curry fish head yet. Feel free to enlighten me!

Anyway, back to Ah Lye’s. My lunchmates were really excited about the place while I was more worried about how I was going to chew.

Background story, I just had orthodontic rubber spacers put around my teeth for my pre-braces work…so they’re tender as hell and I can’t really chew cause the rubbers broke the 1st time I attempted chewing.

# – Gross picture of my teeth. Spot the blue orthodontic spacers? These stuff are suppose to create gaps between my teeth.

Right now, I can only chew with my two front teeth (TEDIOUS) and it’s getting harder each day because I swear I can feel like my teeth have protruded even more than they were before the spacers. Bla bla bla who cares?

(I realise I should blog about my teeth in another post and not a food review post lol sorry)

Ah Lye’s Curry Fish Head is located in a row of shops smacked right in the middle of SS19 residences. When we’re there, parking was ample but I think we’re just lucky.

A friend who’s a regular did the ordering.

# – Fish head curry of course. It comes in Medium or Large portion.

Dayummmm it was good! The fish was just nice, fresh and flaky. The curry gravy was flavoursome…so delicious!

In fact, my friend who did the ordering told us that the last time she brought her brother there, when all the fish and vegetables had been devoured save the gravy, her brother ordered another bowl of rice, dumped it into the claypot, mixed it all up with the gravy and ate it all!

I can totally understand and if I had known earlier that someone had already pulled off such an anti-social stunt I would have gladly done the same. Hehehe.

# – Nam Yu pork.

The Nam Yu pork was pretty good but not outstanding. I think mostly cause I had issues chewing them too :( Nevertheless they went down well with everyone.

# – Deep fried stuffed bean curd sheets.

Pretty damn good. Sure, it was a bit greasy, but oh so delicious! It was filled with bits of carrots and onions, very appetising, very moreish.

# – Asam prawns.

I thought these were marmite prawns with a tangy twist at first, but they weren’t. They’re actually tamarind prawns and they were OMFG GREAT! The sticky sauce was addictive, the prawns were huge AND fresh. Sucking off the prawn heads….blissful! I could have eaten about a dozen of this if it weren’t for my stupid teeth. I mean the fish head curry was great but I would go back to Ah Lye just for the prawns, no question.

Ah Lye Curry Fish Head is an air-conditioned joint, which makes it an awesome lunch place as you can take shelter from the sweltering heat. Temperature’s been really crazy lately by the way. The service was pretty fast and no-nonsense.

Becareful when you order “small” rice though because they’re not kidding about the size – the portion literally is about 3 tablespoons of rice.

I will be back!

# – Ah Lye Curry Fish Head.

Ah Lye Curry Fish Head
No.28, SS19/1G
47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 603-56380468 / 603-56349692
Business Hour: 12pm-3pm (Lunch) & 5pm-10pm (Dinner)
GPS Coordinates: 3.0758887 101.5754559 (N03° 4.5533′, E101° 34.5274′)

4 thoughts on “Good food at Ah Lye Curry Fish Head, Subang SS19”

  1. Curry fish head very ordinary. The curry was gritty like curry powder not sufficiently finely ground up. For 9 pax they served at least 2 each – too many. Some were not too fresh. The herbal chicken at rm28 was good but cut into chunks that were way too big.

    Service was atrocious. Don’t bother to book a table in advance. It makes no difference as they will take in on a first come first served basis.

    Won’t be going back again

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