9th Day of Chinese New Year.

Non-stop of hardcore firecrackers for the past 1/2 hour. It’s 9th day of Chinese New Year. Hokkiens consider this day even more important than the 1st day itself. Look at the altar set up by my grand-uncle. Something tells me my diet’s a goner (again). Who could resist fresh slabs of roasted pig? *Salivates*

There are many versions of the legend but the one Mom always tells me is like this. Once upon a time, the Hokkiens were trying to escape a massacre by Japs (Mom probably got influenced by Granny who witnessed WW2; Great Faggot said it’s the Cantonese though). So they hid in a sugarcane farm but the dumbasses found themselves being severely cut by the leaves of the sugarcanes whenever they tried to enter the farm. After a couple of days of hiding, they emerged to discover that it’s already the 9th day of CNY. Being the ever optimistic Hokkiens, the decided to celebrate the day anyway as though it’s the 1st.

Check out another version here.

Sugarcanes are a must-have on this day.

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