Back to school.

So I’m going back to school tomorrow. Final year, yo. Had a short-lived panic attack thinking about what’s after. Actually picked up a book- Bill Gate’s Speed of Thought. Yeah, was that nervous. Then I watched Dogma and I’m all happy and giddy again.

What did I have for lunch? A bag of Super Rings and 52gm of roasted kuaci (sunflower seeds). Someone’s not going to be happy about me wolfing down all his prized Super Rings. But really, Super Rings is the pawn. I don’t care if it contains genetically engineered corn. Like c’mon, I’m a chinese, hello?

CNY has completely fucked my body up. I’m officially wobbly. Damn, 18th seems so far away. Can’t wait to get back into some kickass workout. Jeng jeng jeng….

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