I’m invincible.

Haven’t had a proper breakfast with the family for ages. This morning we had dimsum. I ordered the food while Dad parked the car. It felt weird and strangely empowering as Dad’s always been the one to order everything, especially the type of chinese tea. Feelings as a grown-up passed as soon as Dad paid for the food, which successfully reduced me to feeling like a 13 year old. I’ll always be their little girl.

My first proper Christmas party was awesome. It lasted to almost 5 in the morning. Gifts exchange was incredibly hilarious with KY jelly being the star item. The food, notably the lamb was out of this world. I got pissed, slept and woke up with only one thing in mind – lamb. It was that good.

My legs are hurting like I’ve done an 8km marathon. Weird, I can’t recall doing anything physically stressful. Maybe it’s the medicine. It’s making me really drowsy. Something popped into my mind this morning. Whenever we’re prescribed medication (especially antibiotics), it’s assumed that we would take them at the same time daily until the dosage finishes (assuring a successful annihilation). This is because bacteria are understood to be evolving mirco-organisms, hence the possibility of them developing immunity to the antibiotics, say they are left in the playground while I’m too busy sleeping than popping pills.

However, what if…just what if these bacteria really don’t evolve, not in such a short period of time anyway. I think it would be better to pop medicines at random time. I mean, if they could evolve, they could probably estimate the time interval between antibiotics deployment anyway and thus devising a method to avoid a complete destruction. So why should we be punctual in this matter? We should shock and surprise them devils. Don’t believe me? I’m a walking proof of this tried and tested theory.

However in case you’re wondering why am I sick now, well it’s completely irrelevant.

Finals are starting next week and wouldn’t you forsee my results already? Fuck you, I’m invincible.

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