My 10 #confessionsofamom

I have already posted this #confessionsofamom that has been going around on Dayre on my account. Thought I would replicate it here.

And so I have unceremoniously plagiarised my own content for this blog. Hehehehe.

1. I only give Liam a bath every 2 days since he was born. Coz his paed said it’s okay and I am far too lazy to do it everyday.

You should give me more baths mommy cause I love it!

2. I hardly feed Liam’s fresh food. I blitz them into mush and freeze them and just break off a piece whenever I cook his porridge.

Frozen vege mush.

3. Speaking of his food, Liam still hasn’t tasted meat or fish. I just squeeze oil out of fish oil pills or put a couple of teaspoons of coconut/olive oil into his porridge to compensate for the healthy fats :P

What do you mean I am a vegetarian!?

4. I have pretended to sleep till Gareth had to wake up to rock Liam to sleep when he was a newborn.

Haven’t always been this peaceful.

5. After he was born, I didn’t want to see Liam yet cause I wasn’t “feeling it” but husband forced me to cause he believes mom and child should meet immediately if not within 24 hours. I am glad he forced me.

6. Our walking path is on a small hill accessible by stairs at a distance. But am too lazy, so I just tread up the side of the hill to get to walking path, while wearing Liam.

What the hell mom? Use the damn stairs!!!!

7. I hate cutting Liam’s nails so I don’t do it very often. I wish I could let him wear mittens till he’s old enough to cut his own nails.

8. I don’t really read to Liam (coz he keeps trying to eat them books wtf) but I try to speak to him like an adult (no babytalk) to make up for his lack of hmm intellectual advantage.

9. I listen to really loud EDM even when baby’s around. I should probably chill on this.

10. Did a number 2 when Liam was 3 months old while baby wearing him.

Okay, I actually don’t have time to look for an accompanying picture for every confession. So, lets just end with this one:

You’ve been a very naughty mummy.

One thought on “My 10 #confessionsofamom”

  1. Kimberly,
    Every parent develops methods to save time with child care and keeping life somewhat organized.

    Your love and care and thoughtfulness show through this post and others sharing how Liam is growing from how you and Gareth lover and nuture Liam.

    The smiles Liam shares, the eyes for mommy in so many of your photos show a bright, loved and secure baby boy.

    Be careful with the EDM. Liam may come to like whatever version of EDM is around when he 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16. That’s the age most young teen people really like LOUD music. Altough such music is heard as so much noise by thier parents.

    May His blessing and joys that new life has brought into your life continue through out your life!

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