Fallen off the wagon.

Have been procrastinating since this morning. I’m supposed to have washed the car (which have been left to ferment for more than a month), tidied up my room and revised a couple of accounting chapters. I can’t remember doing anything productive except bloghopping. Blogexplosion is quite addictive. Time passes quickly when you’re procrastinating, hence the only conclusive thing out of this is, I dig it. Shoot me.

I get a perverted sense of pleasure everytime I visit the clinic. Mom’s health benefits provided by her employer are mega cool, cause they cover bumming, grown kids too (Read: me). I don’t need to pay a single cent, just flash the magic card and voila…free treatment and consultation. At times, I’m tempted to fake ailments in order to procure restricted substances, not that I use them…but you know, to sell to interested parties. Yeah, I’m entrepreneurial like that.

I want to watch Phantom of the Opera badly. Eversince I read The Forbidden Game at 14, I have always fantasised about being pursued by a mysterious, charismatic, evil figure. I’m not sure whether other girls share this sentiment, the eroticism in being the chosen one by an otherwise inassesible person. It’s a sense of accomplishment perhaps, I don’t know. I’m enthralled by story such as Hades/Persephone and I’ll never forget Lestat in Interview with the Vampire (which is hugely thanks to Tom Cruise, I LOVE YOUUUUUUUU). How obssessed was I with Lestat? I actually considered embracing vampirism. That did not work out cause contemporary vampirism is gothic and the fashion is plain hideous.

Okay, time to wash the car, tidy the room, contemplate my diet plan and hopefully revise some numbing accountings.

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