Eating Hot Vit Lon (Vietnamese Fetal Duck Egg) in Hanoi.

When I was in Hanoi earlier this year, there were 3 things that I was determined to eat; Bahn My (Vietnamese sandwich), Bahn My Pate Thit (Vietnamese sandwich with pate) and Hot Vit Lon (Vietnamese fetal duck eggs).

I am glad to say I managed to eat all 3 of them and more. The most interesting experience was of course eating the barely formed duck still encased in its egg.

The eggs are quite easy to find on the streets of Hanoi, especially where food is common. I spotted the stall I bought my egg from not long after walking down a road near my hotel.

After I ate my egg and continued walking, I spotted many more stalls selling Hot Vit Lon.

# – Lady boss cracking the egg.

# – Dropped it into a bowl.

# – Then served it to me along with fresh herbs and seasonings.

# – The partially formed baby duck.

# – Then I ate it.

The best way to describe the taste…it was like eating a large egg-yolk with bits of marrow and bits of gelatinous parts. The partially formed beaks, bones and hair were very mildly crunchy, kind of like eating really soft cartilage.

It was quite tasty really with seasonings and fresh herbs. Like eating an enhanced egg. I would eat it again.

In fact, they should do the same thing to chicken eggs here to be honest.

Live & Loud: Turn on the Pop

Live & Loud was absolutely fabulous. We were there from 4.30pm till about 2am. By the time it finished, our feet were numb and our backs were suffering from the onset of rigor mortis.

The highlights of the concert were Mr. Bombastic himself, Shaggy and Whitney Houston. Shaggy was such an amazing performer, he worked the crowd so good, I’ve never screamed so much in my entire life. Also, I believe he could have single-handedly led the biggest mass bird flipping in Malaysia. Serious shit.

Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take pictures of Whitney. Even the media was prohibited from doing so. It’s quite a disappointment that I couldn’t capture any image of her (I was standing so close to the security it was impossible to sneak even one) but damn…I saw Whitney Houston live whey!

Kimberlycun and Suan.
Me and the Suan.

Getting comfortable.
Making myself comfortable.

Our tags.
Our tags.

James Taylor Quartet.
James Taylor Quartet, very entertaining.

Hannah Tan.
Hannah Tan. To people who think she can’t sing, you are very wrong. She sings AND plays the piano VERY WELL.

Shaolin Tiger at Live & Loud.
ShaolinTiger incurring the jealousy of all photographers by being the only one allowed on stage.

Local acts at Live & Loud.
The local acts comprising among others, Anuar Zain, Noryn Aziz, Jacqueline Victor and a few others. Hit and miss, great talents but the song selection were a bit too slow, we got bored after a while. This picture was taken during the final song and you can see Remy (formerly from Innuendo) has joined them. He’s the guy that made Live & Loud happen.

Edlyn and me.
Met my former highschoolmate, Edlyn.

Shaggy at Live & Loud, Malaysia.
Mr. Bombastic, Shaggy.

Shaggy and Rik Rok.
Shaggy and Rik Rok doing “It wasn’t me”.

Shaggy working the crowd.
Shaggy working the crowd.

Last but not least, to rejuvenate myself after standing, jumping, waving and screaming for more than 9 hours…

Mushroom soup from William's.
My favouritest mushroom soup in the world, courtesy of William’s.