Eating Hot Vit Lon (Vietnamese Fetal Duck Egg) in Hanoi.

When I was in Hanoi earlier this year, there were 3 things that I was determined to eat; Bahn My (Vietnamese sandwich), Bahn My Pate Thit (Vietnamese sandwich with pate) and Hot Vit Lon (Vietnamese fetal duck eggs).

I am glad to say I managed to eat all 3 of them and more. The most interesting experience was of course eating the barely formed duck still encased in its egg.

The eggs are quite easy to find on the streets of Hanoi, especially where food is common. I spotted the stall I bought my egg from not long after walking down a road near my hotel.

After I ate my egg and continued walking, I spotted many more stalls selling Hot Vit Lon.

# – Lady boss cracking the egg.

# – Dropped it into a bowl.

# – Then served it to me along with fresh herbs and seasonings.

# – The partially formed baby duck.

# – Then I ate it.

The best way to describe the taste…it was like eating a large egg-yolk with bits of marrow and bits of gelatinous parts. The partially formed beaks, bones and hair were very mildly crunchy, kind of like eating really soft cartilage.

It was quite tasty really with seasonings and fresh herbs. Like eating an enhanced egg. I would eat it again.

In fact, they should do the same thing to chicken eggs here to be honest.

Three blog posts in one, yeah!

I’ve got a lot of things to blog about but was suffering from blogger’s block since coming back from Vietnam almost 2 weeks ago.

I suspect it was caused by my time there visiting communes affected by hunger. It was such an intense experience, it exhausted me both physically and mentally.

Of course there were a lot of wonderful moments during the trip, like when we visited a primary school. Amenities in the school were basic at best but the kids were happy and you could tell they were so pleased to even have the opportunity to be there, even at such tender age.

Many of their peers were probably helping their parents in dangerously located farms planting low yielding crops like cassava :(

# – Cute primary school children who were my “chicks” when we’re playing “Eagle Catches Chicken” game (I was mummy hen).

I think I was also a little terrified by the idea of writing about what I saw in Vietnam. I don’t think one blog post could ever do justice to the hunger situations there but I will try my best (later, when I sit on it a little longer).


Attended the hubs‘ office party for the first time last weekend. It was Bollywood themed so I busted out the “Lehenga” I bought in Hyderabad. Finally, found an occasion to wear it. I was pleased…it’s got drawstring skirt so I could eat, loads, MUAHAHAHHAA.

# – Wearing lehenga for the first time.

Must say I rather sucked at keeping to the theme because I totally forgot about the long scarf and bangles. Luckily, bindi and bangles were given out free at the party. Yay!

# – Eventually got my bangles, bindi and masala lemonade on. Photobomber was Gareth’s colleague, Daniel.

I was also wearing makeup for the first time since my Lasik surgery. IT WAS GREAT!

# – Gareth trying to wear a bangle -____-. He was like, “eh all the bangles same sized one does it mean all women have similarly sized wrists?”.


Have converted my old claims record booklet into an outlet of negativity. Basically, whenever I feel like ranting or saying something passive aggressive etc, instead of verbalising, tweeting or blogging it, I will just write it in the booklet.

# – My buku 666.

Someone asked me on Twitter if it was some sort of spiritual healing exercise. I guess so.

Recently, I’ve found myself getting increasingly impatient with tweets that are angry, negative, snide, self-absorbed, patronising, you know the drill.

I know everyone has the right to express their emotions/opinions but personally, these tweets put a downer to my day. Probably a lot more severe than anyone could believe.

So if you happened to realise I have unfollowed you on Twitter, it’s nothing personal. Feel free to unfollow me if it matters.

Stay happy!