Not so semi-significant anymore.

Sometimes I feel like if I took picture of every semi-significant thing I do I might actually miss out on a real, special moment.

Bad, bad, bad blogger!

Taking pictures is such a time-consuming activity, especially when you want to capture something properly. Maybe I should stop relying on my phone so much, it’s actually pretty useless as a camera and it’s putting me off from taking pictures :P

That said, here are some pictures taken by my phone of semi-significant moments which I have made significant because they have appeared on my blog:

# – G vs pink chair.

We were at this restaurant in SS2. I think G was mostly sitting in the air while trying to avoid breaking the tiny pink chair. The chairs were small even by my standard.

We’re avoiding the restaurant until they change the furniture. You don’t know how important it is to eat without worrying about falling on your ass with your mouth full, after breaking a chair until you’re on the verge of pulling one.

# – Breakfast.

Smoked salmon & omelette on toasts made by G for me. Just cause it was so tasty :)

# – I will break your face.

Got it while idling in a shopping mall waiting for Sherlock Holmes 2 to start. Movie was meh, ring’s awesome. I never really wore rings but since wearing a rock, I feel like my fingers are a little too bare. Weird but true.

Besides the aesthetics, I find the design incredibly practical should anyone try to nick my rock. Rest assure I will use it properly if it comes down.

# – The spaceship has landed.

Inherited this curious thing from my momsy. If you don’t know what it is, it’s an old school hair steamer. When I was young, I used to stick my entire head into it to steam my face. It’s nice.

Mom gave it to me in preparation for my wedding. She thinks I should steam my hair in cream and stuff to make it beautiful and shiny when I walk down the aisle. Thanks mom.

Just checked to see whether my entire head still fits inside. It does. Once again I am plagued by worries as to why my head hasn’t grown in size.

Mash-up from the past.

These pictures were taken many months ago but were sort of forgotten. But now, they’re seeing the light of day!

# 9 August 2009. Was at the pet grooming shop when a fella brought in this shih tzu with massive, dirty hair and long dirty nails. According to the owner, the dog hadn’t taken a bath for 2 weeks. The dog’s fur was matted all the way to his skin it’s impossible to comb them out. So there’s no other way of making him handsome again other than to get a full shave. 2 weeks? Looks more like a year of neglect.

# 19 October 2009. At the bf’s office. Me. His coffee cup, a gift from me. Hmmm, don’t ask.

# 24 October 2009. This is a picture of 13 boxes of takoyaki balls, which translates into 39 pieces of balls shared among CL, KY, ST, Haze and myself. We were in Singapore for Nuffnang Blog Awards and while checking out the city, won some Takashimaya vouchers that we used to redeem 13 boxes of takoyaki balls. Tragically, by the final 2 balls, our stomachs gave up.

# 12 January 2010. Like mother, like son.