Urm, the fickleness has prevailed.

“Once upon a time, a palm reader said that I was fickle minded and had an innate hunger for power. Duh, I’m a woman, hello?”

Okay, so I’ve got too much time in hand and decided to fiddle with my blog banner. Again. Urm, sorry.

Which is your favourite?




Love to hear your thoughts on these banners. My favourite is #3 obviously because I’m using it.

By the way, I’ve set up a page to archive all my FHM articles here. I’ll only publish them after the latest edition has come out but still, don’t wait till I publish here to read lor…must support ya :)

Happy Birthday to me :)

Am officially 24 :)

And in conjunction with my birthday, I have revamped my blog. Press ctrl + f5, quickly quickly if you’re still looking at the old blog!

Ladies and gentlemen, I present …. kimberlycun.com v5.0. :)

So how? It’s huge, right? All 900 x 688 of pixels, babeh. Have to live up to the blog’s name, you see.

Took me two whole days to get the blog theme just right, and making sure that it loads properly in both Firefox and IE. As for people using other browsers, aih sorry you have to bear with the wonkiness!

Lets walk down memory lane for a bit, shall we??

My very first blog banner was the huge ass picture of my pair of pins. Boy, those legs had attracted so many comments both bad and good. Got called lumpy. Got called lardy also got. Now that I look again at the banner, yeah they do look kinda lumpy hahaha.

Circa 2004.
kimberlycun.com v1.0 circa 2004

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