Toilet training.

Toilet training the little pup. While we’ve managed to get her to poop and pee in the cage at her own accord, but sometimes, when noone is around she still pees on the floor! The thing is, she seems to have a conscience, cause immediately after she’s done it, she would hide under a table whenever we call her name.

So we’ve decided to ignore her whenever she’s peed outside her cage. What we do is this, we lightly whacked her little thigh and then repeatedly say No, Bad girl etc. Then we just refuse to meet eyes with her. She would slowly go back into her cage and lie there, starring at us with the saddest eyes. She won’t even bark or whimper. Just lie down with her jaw on the ground and stare at us.

Mental game or not!? Ignoring a cute fluffy pup is the hardest thing in the world! Barely an hour later, I’d be picking her up and stroke her and kiss her and then she’ll pee on my floor all over again. Sigh.

Boyfriend is complaining that I’m loving the dog more than him. I think he’s a jealous little boy but I’ve been dreaming about dogs almost everyday. The other day, I dreamt that a golden retriever was being burnt alive right in front of me. Although he didn’t die, he was all black and bloody. It was so horrendous, I woke up and had to go down to see Sisi.

BRB, play time with the pup.