Toilet training.

Toilet training the little pup. While we’ve managed to get her to poop and pee in the cage at her own accord, but sometimes, when noone is around she still pees on the floor! The thing is, she seems to have a conscience, cause immediately after she’s done it, she would hide under a table whenever we call her name.

So we’ve decided to ignore her whenever she’s peed outside her cage. What we do is this, we lightly whacked her little thigh and then repeatedly say No, Bad girl etc. Then we just refuse to meet eyes with her. She would slowly go back into her cage and lie there, starring at us with the saddest eyes. She won’t even bark or whimper. Just lie down with her jaw on the ground and stare at us.

Mental game or not!? Ignoring a cute fluffy pup is the hardest thing in the world! Barely an hour later, I’d be picking her up and stroke her and kiss her and then she’ll pee on my floor all over again. Sigh.

Boyfriend is complaining that I’m loving the dog more than him. I think he’s a jealous little boy but I’ve been dreaming about dogs almost everyday. The other day, I dreamt that a golden retriever was being burnt alive right in front of me. Although he didn’t die, he was all black and bloody. It was so horrendous, I woke up and had to go down to see Sisi.

BRB, play time with the pup.

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  1. Sigh. Looking at yr pup brings tears to my eyes. I moved to Europe and had to leave my dear ShihTzu back in Malaysia with my family. I miss him soooooo much. They are so smart, I tell you. When I was webcam-ing with my family, and spoke via videocall, the little dog heard my voice and ran around the house looking for me. Sad or not? :( Sobs.

  2. I love dogs ! they are the cutest animal on earth. However i promise myseld not to have one anymore since my last pet dog dies. It is so heart throbing to let him go. ..

  3. ‘managed to get her to poop and pee in the cage at her own’

    At least she’s stopped going in the wok … oh wait, your BF didn’t tell you about that! Um … don’t eat too much dinner.

    Um … you keep her poo and pee in a cage? That’s some mighty strong poopy there!!!!

    ‘Just lie down with her jaw on the ground and stare at us.’

    She’s plotting revenge!!! :-)

    ‘picking her up and stroke her and kiss her and then she’ll pee on my floor all over again.’

    SHe’s trained you well!

    ‘Boyfriend is complaining that I’m loving the dog more than him.’

    Yes… but what you really need is a gold Amex card. Then you can carry Sisi around in a handbag and shop all day! Who needs boys? :-)

  4. Oh you should try giving her a treat when she pees/poops in the right spot. And shower her with praises as well. I made sure to do that with my puppy and she caught on pretty quick :)

    And hoh, when you scold her for peeing in the wrong place right – must use a super garang deep and stern bark-like sort of voice wan. Dogs are pack animals hence you gotta establish leadership and show her you’re boss :D

  5. Hello,I read somewhere that doggies dont pee/poo inside their cage/kennel. I have 2 dogs at home, I started to train my older dog the very first day I brought her home. How? Whenever she wants to pee/poo she would start running in circle and looking uneasy, I would just carry her to the spot where I want her to do her business. In my case, I always place newspaper on my toilet tiles. After the 3rd day she knows where to do her business till today. The second dog a golden retriever I adopted at 9 months..doesnt listen to commands, she’s very stubborn compared to my the other dog. I guess she was taught by her previous owner to pee/poo on grass… Must let her to the grass once I let her outta the kennel. There’s other ways to teach your dog where to pee/poo for example the wee wee pad where you can buy at pet shop.

    By the way, my dogs never do business inside their home.. instinct maybe hehhe.

    Congrats on the new puppy by the way. If it’s a Shih Tzu, her fur colour is very unique :)

  6. Does the dog sleep in the same kennel he poops and pees in? if the crate / cage is it’s home, perhaps it doesn’t feel comfortable doing it there? if it does it there and sleep/lies there doesn’t it absorb whatever germs there are and when you carry it the germs then are passed on to you?

    btw i heard pouring pepper on the poo prevents them from eating it.

    it’s a puppy after all and not all dogs will get it instantly. consistency is the key. if you are trying to avoid accidents, take it to the assigned ‘spot’ right after the wake up from a nap, right after they eat, they are most likely to pee or poo.

  7. nick: thanks! :)

    xin: yes! and im constantly worried that she’ll get depressed! aiyo -_-

    choco: yeah so i’ve heard. but it’s good also i don’t want her to be any different hehe

    ky: ftw

    whimsicaljottings: sigh sorry to hear about your predicament. hope u can be reunited with her soon :(

    iris: yeah i thought about it sometimes too, will i be able to handle her death? that’s why i plan to get her to breed when she’s older so that i can always have her family as pets.

    dabs: i keep telling my mom that if i were single, i would have no inclination to get any boyfriend…

    suertes: :P

    closet optimist: yeah i do now. and it seems to be working! she hasn’t eaten her poop for almost a week! :)

    dee: somehow mine does. and she’s so tiny her poop drops right into the catchment tray instead of staying in the cage hehe. but sometimes an odd one stuck to the cage and she just lapped it up (could be her cleaning instinct hmm). we plan to move her pooping patterns outdoor soon when she’s older.

    el: nah we don’t lock her up, she pees and poops and then run out of the cage and play again hehe. we do take notice of her and always clean it right after she’s done her biz so to keep her clean (though right after she ate her own poop i couldn’t let her lick my face for a while lol). eh don’t put pepper lor, i scared if they get into her eyes she’d be in pain!

    Thanks for commenting, everyone! Really appreciate it :)

  8. actually you should not let the puppy pee/poop in her cage. dogs are clean creatures and will not usually pee/poop in their kennel. and a puppy should be caged when no one is ard until it’s potty trained. it mite be tolerable now for the puppy to pee/poop in the house now, but in the long run it can be quite a frustration. the rite way to do it is to take the puppy to wherever you want it to do her business(on the grass outside the house, on a piece of newspaper in the toilet etc) in the morning when she wakes up, play with her and then take her to potty before putting her back in her cage. the next time when u take her out of her cage, take her to potty immediately before playing with her. and if the puppy has to be left outside the cage while there are ppl ard make sure to take her to the potty often and don’t take her back in until she is done with her business. and if the puppy does accidentally pee/poop in her cage, make sure to wash it properly so tt no scent is left on the cage. also, make sure to say pee2 or poo2 whenever the puppy pee/poop on the rite spot and n remember to praise her everytime she does it rite. and oso if u catch her doing it in the house, it’s important to tell her no in a firm voice. but it only works if u catch her red handed. if u scold her only a while later after she has peed/pooped, she will have no idea what’s going on. good luck!

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