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Review: Degustation at Bluestone Restaurant, Melbourne.

On my final night in Melbourne, I decided to treat myself to a degustation menu. I did my research and booked Bluestone for its proximity to my hotel (walking distance), the price, and the reviews – generally good.

# – The entrance.

I reached at 7pm sharp and was their very first diner. A very pleasant middle-aged man whose name has now escaped me showed me my table, and asked if I would like some wines. I asked for tap water instead and it was served to me with a smile.

# – Bluestone Restaurant.

I was also served some freshly made bread with extra virgin olive oil and this curious thing that was beetroot infused salt.

# – Bread dipped in evoo and beetroot infused salt. Unusual but tasty.

My first course soon came. I was slightly disappointed with the portion but then I remembered I had 7 more dishes to come. Haih, asians!

# – Hiramasa kingfish sashimi with wasabi emulsion, finger lime and pickled radish.

I wasn’t particularly wowed. To me, there were too many tart ingredients (even the wasabi emulsion was sour) for such a small of amount of fish. I could hardly enjoy the natural taste of the fish, and to my untrained palate, it might as well be chicken. I was looking forward to the next dish…also fish.

# – Pan seared ocean trout with blood orange sorbet.

What a winner! Flaky, fatty fish with still crispy skin. Absolutely delicious with the mild blood orange sorbet. I love hot & cold dishes and this was one of my favourites of the night.

Then, it was poultry time!

# – Smoked duck breast with sprouts and berries.

Look at how pink the duck breast was – loved it. This was also a favourite of mine, the duck was neither over nor underdone. The sweet berries complimented the savoury duck while the sprouts sneaked in now and then to keep flavours from getting too overwhelming. GORGEOUS!

# – Brocollini sorbet.

I had to look up “brocollini”. Apparently it’s a cross between brocolli and kailan. And it did taste like a mixture of both vegetables! Very refreshing and made a wonderful palate cleanser.

Next up, the crustacean.

# – Grilled Morton Bay Bug with buddha’s hand sabayon.

I was looking forward to this dish the entire night. Unfortunately, it turned out to be the least favourite of mine. I think it had something to do with the restaurant having a really busy night. The lobster was ghastly overcooked and the sabayon was so salty it no longer held any citrus flavour of buddha’s hand :(

I did tell the staff what I thought. He later came back and told me that they’ve tasted it and agreed it was too salty even for a savoury sabayon.

Well, 1 out of 8 isn’t bad at all. I prefer to focus on the good dishes.

# – Flinders Island Wallaby with bush pepper & capsicum paint and chard parcel.

Loved every single element on its own and together. It was my first time eating wallaby and I could only describe it as buttery, melt-in-your-mouth beef like meat without the beef odour. Someone showed me a picture of a wallaby which is like a small kangaroo…so cute. But it’s so delicious!!!

The next dish was gazpacho, made with strawberries instead of tomatoes. Hmmm.

# – Strawberry gazpacho laced with balsamic reduction.

I wasn’t expecting so much sweetness it being a gazpacho and all but who am I kidding, it is strawberries we’re talking about! The sweetness from the fruit was cleverly calmed down by the balsamic reduction though. I enjoyed it very much and thought it’s a wonderful prelude to the next dish – DESSERT!

# – Rosella cheesecake with baby wild limes and macademias.

HOLEEEEEEEEEEE MOLEEEE! The highlight of my night! I thought the deconstruction of the cheesecake was brilliant, especially great for people like me who dig cheese more than the base. The cheesecake was so smooth and luxurious, the crushed macademias a perfect companion with sweet & fragrant roselle syrup and tart baby wild limes. What a combination. I was eating this so slowly trying to maximise my enjoyment. Later, I regretted not ordering an extra plate.

Finished my fantastic dinner with a cup of hot Earl Grey tea, which should be drank with everything. I love earl grey tea, I drink it everyday but Gareth thinks it tastes like dishwashing liquid. Different strokes for different folks.

# – Like an Earl.

At AUD$99 for 8 courses without wines ($160 with matching wines), I thought it was very reasonably priced. The other restaurants I looked at all mostly started from AUD$110 without wines.

Overall, I had a very enjoyable time. Although I was alone and it was full house, I was never short of attention. Yes, service was a little slow due to the crowd and they had only 3 frontliners that night but my glass was never empty and that says a lot I think.

Bluestone Restaurant,
349, Flinders Lane,
Melbourne 3000
Tel: +61396204060

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Of puffs and stuffs.

Had a major meltdown a couple of days ago. I was basically in tears about every 20minutes over the stupidest things. Poor Gareth, he suffered most all of the brunt, of course.

Sometimes I think right, I consider myself pretty damn easy to get along actually….so I really can’t imagine what those women who are super dramatic in public are like behind closed doors? Patient spouses/bfs I salute you all. How do you guys do it?

I have now calmed down of course. The painters have arrived (finally!) and I am no longer a bundle of crazy & tears. Thank goodness this shit does go away!

I am sweet as a freaking jar of sugar right now compared to two days ago. Even I like myself.


Anyway, we have started giving out our wedding invitations. Shah, my amazing blog manager is the very first one to receive it :)

# -Shah with our bigass wedding invite. Wheeeee!

I can’t wait to give out the rest! The card sets the tone of our wedding, which I will talk about soon.

Actually, truth is I don’t really have the right words to describe the theme yet lol. A bit schizo but in a crazy good way! Like us!


One of my favourite desserts in the entire world is berrilicious chocolate pavlova from Delicious. I eat too many of them, too many but NO REGRETS!

The perfect ratio of crispy chocolate meringues with thick chocolate shavings, fresh strawberries and real cream. ohmaigerddddd

I tried making it but my last attempt at chocolate meringue literally fell flat. Best to leave this sort of things to the professionals eh.

Anyway where am I trying to get at? Back to my meltdown a couple of days back, so I tried to fix the emo with a dessert. Went to Delicious 1U.

Ordered berrilicious chocolate pavlova. Enjoyed every single spoon of it and then….cream ran out. Trust me when I say it has to be eaten with every element together.

I got a bit upset (naturally) because normally they have a lot of cream but this particular day it was barely enough.

Gareth coaxed me to ask for more cream. I was so sure they wouldn’t give me but what do you know, they gave me more than enough! No questions asked, and with a really nice smile too :)

I was so happy coz they really made my day. In the end I wondered if they would give me more chocolate meringue and strawberries for my now extra cream if I asked.

Kidding, I didn’t go there.

# – The cream that broke my emo.

Thank you Delicious 1U.


We have finally bought our marital bedsheets for the wedding.

Went for our regular 650 thread count in red. Pillow cases also red!

# – Red for luck.

By the way, if you want to get good sheets for extra thick king size mattress, go Home’s Harmony.

Good discounts and even more as member. Service is also above average.


I made cream patisserie for the first time! Wonder what took me so long!? Those stuff are delicious!!

Stuffed them in choux buns (recipe for the choux pastry here) I haphazardly whipped up and voila, CREAM PUFFS!

Will blog it when I make more next time. I think the secret is in using vanilla beans instead of fake vanilla extract. Makes all the difference.

# – My very inconsistently shaped but very consistently delicious homemade creampuffs.

Have a good week peeps!

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This was planned but am still sleepy.

Obviously a continuation of yesterday’s post….

Meant to blog properly but here I am again, just like the night before….dead tired and in bed, about to hit the snooze button but crazily decided to squeeze in a blog post.

Can’t you see how much I enjoy this?

So yeah I was in Australia. I bought a pair of heels from Payless Shoes…gawd I love this place. Surprisingly found our local one in Sunway Pyramid has better selection.

# – Sparkly gold heels for wedding. I now have 3 pairs of shoes for my nuptials. Sometimes I think it’s just an excuse for acquiring more footwear.


I ate a ridiculously delicious gigantic hotdog stuffed with saukraut (possibly one of my favourite things to eat ever!) from Queen Victoria’s Market. Took me 20 minutes to finish it.

# – The ginomous dog.


The market was awesome! I wish I had more time to explore. Basically walked 15 minutes to reach there, bought the first hotdog that caught my eyes, walked one round and then left for another 15 minutes walk back to hotel where taxi bound for airport was waiting.

# – If only we had delis like this!


Shit! Stomach is growling. Guess that’s a signal for zzz. Nights!

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