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My favourite Tesco outlet is now even better!

My favourite hypermarket is none other than Tesco. If you’re a regular follower of my cooking adventures, you would notice that I regularly stock up my pantry with stuff from Tesco.

Why do I love Tesco? The price is very competitive, the variety of goods is mind boggling and best of all, and I can always rely on Tesco to get my UK products fix at a steal!

My very first Tesco experience was at Tesco Mutiara Damansara and I have never looked back since. Recently, the outlet went through a refurbishment and I must say I am so, so impressed with its new look!

The carpark has been repainted and is now brightly lit. Walking paths have also been painted in bright blue and yellow, making it more visible and easier & safer to walk as cars tend to be a bit more cautious too.

# – At Tesco’s entrance – see how clean and bright the carpark is now!

I don’t know what they’ve done, but the outlet seemed larger and more spacious than before. I don’t know of any space expansion work but perhaps just it’s very clever rearrangement of aisles.

# – Tesco Mutiara Damansara seems more spacious than before.

It’s definitely easier to maneuver the trollies around with so much more space. As things are easier to spot, I noticed less trollies clogging up lanes as well!

# – Clever placement of fast moving products – near the entrance so you can grab, pay and leave.

The biggest improvement is definitely in the electrical and electronics area. Compared to before, it’s so much more spacious now; I could take my time carefully inspecting a product before purchasing.

Before, it’s quite distracting having to constantly move to allow people who were just passing by.

# – Now I can see all brands of televisions at one go! Can quickly compare visual quality.

# – Inspecting the size of a microwave oven.

Am also really happy with the revamped fresh good section. It’s now cleaner and better labeled (no smell too!).

# – Most importantly, I now know my beef comes from an actual cow =)

Lastly, the biggest surprise would be the revamped payment counters!

They are positioned away from each other rather than the traditional layout of side by side – which means, no more trolley crash!

# – See how far the next door counter is? It’s really comfortable to pay for my shopping now as I like my personal space hehe.

I am so happy that Tesco has managed to improve my shopping experience. I was already a happy customer before but this move has definitely made our relationship a long lasting one =)

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Savouring the World with Nescafe Gold

Which is more important to you? The journey or the destination? Personally, both are important to me.

# – Why drive when you can ride the ferry?

Life is short – every waking moment should be savoured, enjoyed and experienced properly.

# – Even a hole in the wall can be something else.

For instance, being stuck in a traffic jam would not be so bad if you took time to experience the large collection of music you’ve never really had time to listen to, observe the antics of other people in their cars, have nice conversations with your passengers. You’re stuck anyway, might as well make it pleasant.

Why rush when you can appreciate? Simple rules.

# – Appreciate colours – they add excitement to your reflections.

If you’re like me, the kind who spends time immersing oneself in the moment, appreciating what’s around you, then join me and Nescafe Gold on a mission in slowing down and seeking extraordinary in the ordinary. Join “Savouring The World” – a communal travel journal of experiences savoured around Malaysia and the globe.

# – No creature embodies “savour the moment” as fully and completely as my furry son – Charlie. My mission in life is to live like him.

Participation is simple, just sign in to your facebook account and go to apps.facebook.com/nescafe_gold and upload photo captions of the related theme.

# – Join “Savouring The World”

Best of all, the winning photo and caption for the first theme “Start Your Day” gets a 3-day, 2-Night holiday for 2 to Tanjung Jara Resort! For the second theme, it’s 3-day, 2-Night holiday for 2 at Majestic Malacca while the 3rd theme winner gets a 3-day, 2-Night holiday for 2 at Pangkor Laut Resort.

Contest ends on 16 December 2012 and you can enter more than once!

Nescafe Gold is made from the choicest Arabica and Robusta beans, and it’s clear why drinking it is not something to be rushed. Just like life, the aroma and taste is an experience that must be savoured completely.

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My new love the L’OCCITANE Immortelle Precious Youth Serum.

I am one of the lucky bloggers who got to try L’OCCITANE Immortelle Precious Youth Serum before it was even launched. I have always loved L’OCCITANE, especially their range of hand creams – always thought the packaging that resembles tubes of paint really brilliant!

Anyway, back to L’OCCITANE Immortelle Precious Youth Serum. The IMMORTELLE flower grows in the sunny Mediterranean island of Corsica and is also called “Golden Sun” for its amazing property; it doesn’t wilt! Nope, even after picking, the flowers remain a radiant golden yellow colour.

Extremely rare and precious, this flower delivers an essential oil with exceptional anti-aging properties.

# – L’OCCITANE Immortelle Precious Youth Serum. No makeup!

The new L’OCCITANE Immortelle Precious Youth Serum captures the power of 1,001 Immortelle flowers and delivers unrivalled performance when it comes to the halting skin aging.

The first time I tried the serum was on my hand and it stayed supple and smooth for so many hours that I couldn’t wait to try it on my face. I have used it for more than two weeks and I love it!

1. The scent:
It has a very pleasant floral smell that is not overpowering at all. In fact, I found the smell really therapeutic and is a treat before bedtime.

2. The packaging:
Love the pipet packaging! Feels very luxurious and of course, it’s a very hygienic way of getting to the product.

3. The texture:
Very light and not sticky at all. My skin absorbs it like a sponge.

4. The results:
I do find my skin looking a lot less tired. In this past month, I’ve been having very little sleep but for some reason, I think my skin still looks pretty fresh and supple to the touch.

I do suspect it has everything to do with the serum – studies have shown a six-fold increase in collagen production with its usage!

I find that since using L’OCCITANE Immortelle Precious Youth Serum, I don’t need to use foundation as much; just sunblock, some loose powder and it is okay to face the world.

Besides L’OCCITANE Immortelle Precious Youth Serum, I was also given the L’OCCITANE Immortelle Precious Cream to try. Although it has 10 times less concentration of Immortelle flowers compared to the serum, I love it! The cream is thick but not greasy, and like the serum, absorbs easily into the skin.

The scent is similar to the serum – light, slightly floral and very soothing. Using them both together is not just a pleasant experience but has been proven to enhance the effects of anti-aging. My skin feels smoother and firmer to the touch.

I have made a video of how I use L’OCCITANE Immortelle Precious Youth Serum as well as L’OCCITANE Immortelle Precious Cream.

I am glad I got these products about a month before my wedding, I am positive I will look pretty radiant on my big day thanks to L’OCCITANE :)

This may be an advertorial but it’s one of the rare products that I will definitely purchase on my own!

Precious Youth Serum 30ml is priced at RM237 and Precious Cream 50ml at RM226. They are both available at all L’OCCITANE Boutiques and Isetan Counters. Full list here.

Tempted to try L’OCCITANE Immortelle Precious Youth Serum? Redeem your free L’OCCITANE Immortelle Precious Youth Serum sachet from 24th to 31st October by showing that you have like the L’occitane Msia FB Fanpage :) While stocks last so be sure to drop in early!

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