This was planned but am still sleepy.

Obviously a continuation of yesterday’s post….

Meant to blog properly but here I am again, just like the night before….dead tired and in bed, about to hit the snooze button but crazily decided to squeeze in a blog post.

Can’t you see how much I enjoy this?

So yeah I was in Australia. I bought a pair of heels from Payless Shoes…gawd I love this place. Surprisingly found our local one in Sunway Pyramid has better selection.

# – Sparkly gold heels for wedding. I now have 3 pairs of shoes for my nuptials. Sometimes I think it’s just an excuse for acquiring more footwear.


I ate a ridiculously delicious gigantic hotdog stuffed with saukraut (possibly one of my favourite things to eat ever!) from Queen Victoria’s Market. Took me 20 minutes to finish it.

# – The ginomous dog.


The market was awesome! I wish I had more time to explore. Basically walked 15 minutes to reach there, bought the first hotdog that caught my eyes, walked one round and then left for another 15 minutes walk back to hotel where taxi bound for airport was waiting.

# – If only we had delis like this!


Shit! Stomach is growling. Guess that’s a signal for zzz. Nights!