Thank you Future Music Festival Asia 2012!

Future Music Festival Asia 2012 (FMFA2012) happened last Saturday. It was epic. By far, the best music festival I’ve ever been to in Malaysia. No competition.

The sound system was amazing. The layout of stages was good. There were plenty of food, drinks and toilets. Having access to the VIP tent helped too (yay to air-conditioning).

# – What I wore to FMFA2012. Bikini top from Koh Lipe, sheer sparkly top thrift-ed online, old shorts source unknown and trusty Converse.

We wanted to go to FMFA2012 by hook and by crook primarily for Chase & Status, Pendulum and The Chemical Brothers. Most of all for Chase & Status.

# – The hubs so happysauce!

We arrived in time to catch Sneaky Sound System which was amazing.

# – While waiting for Sneaky Sound System to set up, spotted this guy and his friends who had really cool back supports made out of paper.

# – Sneaky Sound System hamming it up.

The vocalist was powerful, entertaining and really into her performance. She was electric! Before FMFA2012, I had no idea who they are. They’ve made a new fan in me!

After stalking them for a bit on Youtube, I also discovered they collaborated with Tiesto on one of his tracks in Kaleidescope which happens to be one of my favourites! Can’t believe I was totally unaware despite listening to the track almost every other day (#slowpoke).

# – The video of the track. “I Will Be Here” by Tiesto and Sneaky Sound System.

So happy that what I initially thought of as a filler performance ended being so awesome. Sneaky Sound System warmed us up nicely for Chase & Status.

There was a bit of a conundrum at first. You see, Pendulum and Chase & Status were playing at the same time but at different stages (ya, FMFA2012 aiyo why the arrangement like that??).

After a bit of thought, we chose to catch Chase & Status first because (1) Pendulum was playing for 2 hours, so by the time we finished with C&S we could still catch the 2nd half of Pendulum. (2) Chase & Status were playing live!!!! Like seriously, they had real drums for the drum in DnB!!!!!! And bass too WTF!

And we were not disappointed at all. Not even remotely. Chase & Status blew my face away. I jumped and flailed my arms for a solid hour. Time, End Credits, Blind Faith, Let You Go and more were played. LOVED IT!!!

# – Chase & Status. E P I C.

They were epic. EPIC! I think back to the performance and still smile.

# – Lost every semblance of grace at Chase & Status and loving it.

After Chase & Status, we went to a different stage to catch Pendulum. It was PACKED!!

As Chase & Status started pretty late, so we ended up only able to catch Pendulum’s finale. I mustered up the last of my strength to dance to “Watercolour” BECAUSE IT’S AWESOME.

# – Video of “Watercolour” by Pendulum. Listen to it!

# – Check out the sheer size of the crowd for Pendulum!

# – Ah Lu, one of my bridesmaids <3

After Pendulum, we checked out Tinie Tempah. Not so into him so we went to a quieter spot to sit our arses down, resting until The Chemical Brothers were up. Too old for this shit, NOT!

# – With Sam. Aiyo, sweaty max :P

# – My sparkly top made these stars on my leg.

Finally, The Chemical Brothers played. But they were hidden behind a thick waft of smoke, great lights and didn’t even have their name on the stage? I was confused max. We couldn’t see them, all we saw was smoke & lights and the music was honestly err? and eh? for the first hour. We decided to bail then.

That said, it was really okay. Honestly even if The Chemical Brothers were above average, I probably would not have energy to enjoy them. I gave my all at Chase & Status haha.

All acts seemed to pale in comparison after C&S lol. I’m probably biased but that’s honestly how I felt.

# – A lonely sad flamingo.

Thank you Future Music Festival Asia 2012 for an incredibly amazing time. Please make this an annual thing. Please, please, please! My wishlist would be seeing The Prodigy and Skrillex next. And Chase & Status again PLEASE!

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