Quarter life crisis.

Why does having a house, 2 cars and 2.5 children so desirable? Because it’s really not that easy to achieve and despite the boringness, mediocrity and normalcy of it all, people who have achieved that are gloating and secretly laughing at us.

Why am I so paranoid about the education of the children I don’t even have? Because I know better.

Why is it easier to be held hostage by your loved ones now than when you’re a teenager? Because compassion increases with age.

Why is it still bothersome even when I’ve known all the answers?


Why does Maybank need 3 fucking days to print out bank statements? THIS I REALLY DON’T KNOW. STUPID BANK!

8 thoughts on “Quarter life crisis.”

  1. ‘Why does having a house, 2 cars and 2.5 children so desirable? Because it’s really not that easy to achieve…’
    especially the 2.5 children bit. Ever tried giving birth to 0.5 of a child? It’s not that pleasant!!!! And if the authorities find you sawing one in half, they arrest you, as though you’re trying something illegal! Doesn’t seem right!!! :-)

    KY – I must be the most eligible man in the world! :-)

  2. Well, I’ve been having that bothering me too. I want to get married and have kids and all that. Most of my peers are already married and I’m going to be the best man for a classmate this Sunday. 3 other classmates are slated for marriage this year and another one next year. I feel so old and…single.

    I do secretly wish for the normalcy of a stable married life…

    Heh, love the 0.5 child bit Dabido. :)

  3. Alternatively, Dabido: You could get married, have 5 kids, get divorced and obtained shared custody!

    Somehow I don’t feel the attraction of the house, 2 cars, 2.5 children status…. maybe i’m just not at that nesting stage… yet.

  4. they need meh? i was at maybank HQ yestrday HQ. just walk in, talk to the whore, fill up a form, she printed out for me in 10 min. (lucky no crowd).

    btw. what the fuck is 2.5 children? the 3rd one has half testicles? :-0

  5. i hate maybank. stupid charges for every single thing.

    canot even withdraw more than 4times from ur own maybank acc without being charged. i rather use the 5th time onwards on other banks’ atm.

    stupid ex-co. if not for them, i dont need to open this acc. now i feel like closing it just coz i fucking hate maybank

  6. ky: not women -_-

    dabs: -_-

    kat: i envy your mentality!

    aeroplane: the half is a pet lor heh

    naeboo: true that! they charge damn high for international cheques as well! now they change the bank layout to like some kinda boutique theme. damn hate it…give me back the queue and counters lah! it suits the horrible customer service much better anyway

  7. Guys,
    Being in mid 20’s(25 to be exact), i still dont feel like having all these stuff.i am still single and enjoy being that.
    Responsibilites scare me. Commitments drive me off.
    Enjoy your life for yourself. do what you really want to. Prove what you are worth. You aint need a family for that. you already have it. your parents/brothers/sistres/relatives/ behind you(with u infact). so y need some more boring stuff (no offense, but the concept of wife and children gets me itchy).

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