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My favourite dessert in the world – the mango meringue mess

I love my desserts. I need dessert after every dinner. To me, a dinner without dessert is not a complete meal. I’m not particular about it with breakfast or lunch, but every dinner should end with something sweet, be it a fizzy drink, a fruit or pudding.

If I didn’t have dessert after dinner, I’d often end up having a massive, unhealthy supper. So I eat desserts to keep my body in reasonable condition. It is true!

Of all desserts, my favourite is the mango meringue mess. It’s essentially a mango version of Eton Mess, which is made with assortment of berries. I love it so much I could eat it every evening, if it weren’t for occasional concerns about the 35% fat content in whipped cream. And when that happens, I substitute cream with plain yogurt…and my life is beautiful again :D

For a 2 people serving, you need:

  • 2 mangoes, cubed and divided into 2 bowls
  • 100 ml of whipping cream, whipped till fluffy
  • About 6 fistfuls of crumbled meringues

Lets begin the journey to heaven…

# – Mangoes, meringues & cream – only 3 ingredients for the best dessert of your life!

# – Pour 100 ml of whipping cream and beat till double stiff and double in size.

# – Divide the cream equally into each bowl of cubed mangos. Check out my tutorial for easy and quick cubing of mangoes here.

# – Then, divide the crumbled meringues equally into each bowl. Learn how to bake meringues with no stress here.

# – Lastly, you mix them all up so that every spoon has a perfect balance of mangoes, cream and meringues.

Now, savour the bowl of heaven and after that, you bake more meringues, buy more mangoes and stock up on whipping cream! That’s how we roll it.

P/S: don’t forget to hide the scale!!!

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Kilkenny and local food, yums!

At this unassuming but popular modern food court in Kepong, you’ll find the unlikeliest beverage to go with all the delicious local delicacies…..

# – Happy City Food Court in Kepong.

And it is none other than…….

# – Kilkenny!!!

I have to be honest, I was a little sceptical about the taste of bottled Kilkenny but was pleasantly surprised that it is shares the exact same distinctive taste. So, its head is not as creamy because it’s not nitrogenated like the draught but rest assured you’re still drinking high quality Kilkenny brewed with the finest ingredients.

Who knew Kilkenny could go so well with our local food?? I simply love it!! Light & refreshing and yet still creamy, Kilkenny chases down the taste of local food perfectly.

# – Kilkenny and oh jien (oyster omelette)!

# – Kilkenny and chee cheung fun (steamed rice rolls)!

# – Kilkenny and takoyaki (octopus balls)! (Okay this is not so local, but it’s made by local in a local food court so it counts :D)

I’m so happy that Kilkenny is now readily available in my neighbourhood’s food courts! Instead of ordering iced chinese tea, maybe you should just order some “western herbal tea” like Kilkenny for an east meet west gastronomy experience, hehe. Make it happen!

# – Eat….

# – And drink….Ahhhhhhhh!

# – Even the angmoh endorses!

Best thing of all, it’s only under RM10 for a bottle! Premium beers at a mind-boggling small price, what are you waiting for?

Happy City Food Court,
Lot P.T 15194, Jln 3/34A,
Kepong Baru, Kepong,
52100 KL.
(next to Carrefour, visible from main road)

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