Fish & Rabbit! make me happy

Woohoo it’s a Friday!

Had a cheapass but kickass lunch in KL with Horng and Yuki at this restaurant (okay, it’s more like a stall to be honest) in Pudu called Thim Kee. It’s famous for its fried and steamed fish dishes.

What I really like about this place is that it has only one variant of dish for each ingredient. For instance, there’s only one type of fried fish so you don’t have to crack your brains over what else to order. Same for chicken, vegetables and squid.

However, for steamed fish itself, there are a couple of options, which unfortunately we were not able to sample due to lack of stomach space :P Heard they’re really delicious too.

# – Spicy butter cheese squid.

This is the first time I’ve eaten squid this way. Unlike the dry types that you often get in other chinese restaurants, the squids are served drowning in a light but a little spicy butter cheese sauce. The squids were springy and not overcooked and were perfect with the sauce. I could easily drink it all up it’s that good. MUST EAT WITH RICE!

# – Deep fried tilapia in unidentified awesomesauce.

Absolutely appetising! As soon as the fragrance of the fish hit my nostrils I was salivating like crazy. The fish was surprisingly devoid of any mud smell and was so crunchy you could practically eat the bones and fins. Highly recommended, just say fried fish as they only serve it this way.

# – Fried chicken that’s more than what it looks.

Possibly one of the best fried chicken I’ve ever eaten. The meat was impossibly tender and infused with a slight soya sauce taste. The skin was crispy. Though it was quite fatty but it wasn’t cloying at all. Best eaten with the sweet sauce and chilli sauce that are served together.

# – We over ordered for 3 but we finished everything :D

Bill came to RM51 for 3 people including drinks. It’s a great effin’ deal and I wouldn’t have minded paying more :)

Thim Kee Steamed Fish
(Just opposite Pudu Plaza, almost at the doorstep of the corner 7-11. Yes, it’s located on a road curb :D)
Jalan 1/77c, Off Jalan Pudu,
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-3986 3097


By the way, recently I discovered this indie band on myspace called “Rabbit!”.

I love, love, love their music and is trying to find out how I could get their CD. Their songs are so cheerful without being really annoying and in your face. None of those auto-tuned bullshit.

They’ve only got one song on Youtube now, check it out!

# – Fall into Love.

To listen to more of their songs you can do so at their myspace page. My favourite song is “Magic”.

“who’s got the maps to
the stars?
who can drive backwards
in the car?
you say you’re clever
well baby you are
who’s got the maps to
the stars?”

Have a magical weekend, peeps. Mwahs.

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