micro singapore trip.

We were in Singapore yesterday from 10.30pm till 1.30am. Had kungpow frog porridge in Geylang for supper. It was awesome!!! Will blog about the restaurant properly soon.

# – Awesomesauce froggies.

After supper, we drove around aimlessly for a while and saw the Singapore Eye as well as the super trendy Marina Sands. Very impressive architectures. Love Singapore in the dead of night, cause no people. Teeheehee.

Crossed the border back into Johor Bahru and stopped by a petrol station which was crowded with Singaporean cars trying to get cheap fuel. So bent on maximising their dollars that there’s this woman who was bouncing the rear of her car up & down while her husband was refueling. Then she took over from her husband and he bounced their car instead. Am really curious as to how much more fuel can you sneak into the tank by embarrassing yourself in public. Seriously?

# – Bounce that booty yo!

By the way, meet Sasa, the new addition to our family. Mom found her walking alone along a busy road while fetching my brother to the LRT station. Took her to the vet and found she’s around 2 months old only. So precious :)

# – Meet Sasa.

Wonder how big she’s gonna be when she’s fully grown.

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11 thoughts on “micro singapore trip.”

  1. That was a real short trip..

    You’d think that these SGporeans were returning to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

  2. suertes: shortest trip i’ve ever made cross country haha. their worst traits do show in when they’re in malaysia innit haha

    merryn: make it happen! i don’t think there’s any place in malaysia that could rival the taste and price :)

    debs: thanks, will relay your message to her :)

    jess: thanks! she has a very calm and quiet deameanor too. i’m hoping it’s not because she’s terrified of people, sigh.

    ms. bloom: shark head wtf??? can u even eat that?

    st: yeap. yeap :)

    suanie: sasa says herro back.

    june: yeah, vet said the same. minimum a large medium sized dog. her legs are LONG!

    in: thanks! i wish i could financially afford to do the same, very heartbreaking to see strays :(

    ky: sasa sez hello back!

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