What I did on public holiday.

Jo has been talking about this super spicy Taiwanese sausages sold at Meng Tien for weeks and finally, we made the trip to try it out.

Boohoo, when we’re there, the stall was closed so we ended up eating a lot of deep fried stuff instead. Which wasn’t half bad, really :D

Bee, Rinnah and Paris.
Bee, Rinnah and PB. Jo refused to be photographed. Why so shy -_-

Jo’s chihuahua, Privy. He’s so cute and lansi at the same time, hahahaha.

Me and Sisi.
Me and camera shy Sisi.

Bee and Privy.
Caption this.

I had such a fun day! Just a bunch of girls chatting, eating and playing with our pups :D Next outing, supaspicy taiwanese sausages!

By the way, my parents are on vacation so I’m dogsitting. Sisi’s getting used to the new surrounding (my bf’s pad) and we’ve been taking her to Desa Park City for some exercise. We even met the pretty Jojo Struys who was jogging with her 3 month old pug. The lil pug was trying to get a bite out of Sisi, it was so funny!

Here’s a picture of Sisi all wrapped up in yet-another-tshirt-from-random-event, asleep with Mr. Hippo, Super Mario and her new chew toy.

Sisi sleeping.

6 days to my new job. If you hadn’t known, yeah, I’ve made the switch to marketing. Will be managing a slightly tired but really sexy brand…i is gonna bring it back to its former gloreeeeeeeeeeeh!

8 thoughts on “What I did on public holiday.”

  1. alamak…I look so washed out!! o.O

    Sisi is SOOO soft!! and Privy – hehe..must pronounce it the “proper” way…he’s a CHEE-HUAHHH-HUAAHHH…*ROFL*

    PS: Privy looks like he’s gonna cry in #4…uhuk uhuk…I’d cry too if some crazy dog wanted to take my preety vest (!!)

  2. It was fun and I think Jo was super disappointed we didn’t get to cry over taiwanese sausage! Your Sisi is adorable as is Privy – they both look like live toys – I kept wanting to ask if the batteries run out.

  3. Kekekekeke, caption should read: Male stripper and tipping customer get caught. Sick buggers. Hahahahahahahahaha.


    tasty… tasty…

    shy la.. .shy la…

  4. I’m waiting for our next outing for the Taiwanese sausage… heheh. Sisi is soooooo soft! And I can’t get over the pix I have of Privy… esp. when I think of how Jo did the voiceover bits. :)

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