My life, pacmee-ed.

At my parents’ now. With Taiwanese game shows blaring day and night, I feel like smashing the television in. They are always so excited and shrilly, I wish I could punch their windpipes.

I forgot to bring my card reader or cable back, so I have to make due blogging with pictures I uploaded to PacMee from my phone.

Strawberry shisha.
Enjoying strawberry shisha at Empress Cafe, Curve.

It’s my first time at Empress Cafe and I was surprised that they served free-flow shisha, as in they kept replenishing it. The picture above was like a 5th attempt or something to capture the smoke coming out of my mouth, but apparently I didn’t suck hard enough.

This is Rachel or endearingly addressed as Kura-Kura.


We had just finished swimming and were relaxing by the pool waiting for KY to finish badminton. Swimming is much better than going to gym, I’m wondering whether I should cancel my gym membership and just swim for exercise. Haven’t gone to gym for almost a year. That’s RM175*12 = RM2100 a year wasted. Gulp.

This is me at Amuleto, Mid Valley doing a food review.

Food review.
At Amulato.

It was awkward to camwhore with other journalists around. But hrmm, obviously I got over it.

This is home-made laksa at the Shiznit’s house.

Awesome laksa.
The spread.


They were awesome. Made with no coconut milk but didn’t taste healthy at all. I had two and half bowls. Still beating myself for forgetting to take the home-made sambal home.

By the way, I’ve also installed a chat box on the side of this blog. Just one of my experiments with this new blog layout. So chatbox, yes or no?