It’s all gone.

Yes. All gone. P00f.

Almost 700 worth of postings have vanished. 4 years of memories. Erased.

Read story here for reference.

I was completely unaware that something this catastrophic could happen. I didn’t back up at all. So smart, right?

What I can do is, manually re-post all the cached posts by Google. Nah, I don’t think so.

Just keeping my fingers crossed that the unreliable hosting company could at least restore 60% of data. I’m not even hoping for 100%.

By the way, I’ve changed to a local server (, very prompt and helpful and reasonably priced, thanks CLL!), which is also serving Things should load much faster now.

Oh well, at least now I’ll have no excuse to delay the site revamping.

Remember people, backup your blogs. It could happen to you too.