Speedzone Tour 2007

Time is passing so fast, man. Feels like only yesterday that I attended the Speedzone Tour party at KL Tower back in April. This time around, it’s for the motoGP.

I won some free tix doing l33t a55 haikus at Suan’s. By the way, here’s a funny article about haiku that you must read, Haiku Is For Stupid Tards.

Anyway, this Speedzone Tour party was held at Zouk. Upon entering party compound were some motor racing simulation thing. I couldn’t resist hopping onto one of the fake bikes.

Kimberlycun on bike.
Nice touch but it wasn’t really that realistic. Wearing a dress didn’t help matters.

After playing some games and winning a couple of cigarette lighters, we entered the main room.

Speedzone Tour 2007
Speedzone Tour 2007

As we were there around 9 something to collect the tickets, guess it was a tad too early. The aircon was on full blast and it was freezing cold!

KY and Fireangel
KY (with his earplugs fashioned from serviettes) and FA.

Tsentsen and me.
Tsentsen and moi.

FA and Suan.
FA and Suan.

The turnout was surprisingly small. Maybe cause we were early. Didn’t stay long enough to find out.

It wasn’t very packed.

KY and Kimberlycun
Was dancing to keep warm more like.

Matt Darey came on after Joey G. He’s supposed to be awesome, but the tiny crowd and freezing temperature kinda killed it for me.

Matt Darey
Matt Darey on the deck.

Saw some people heating up though…

SPG chatting up white male.

I also met bloggers, Kel Li and Natalie. Really nice to meet you girls =)

Kel Li and Kimberlycun.
Kel Li and moi.

Me, Natalie and KY.
Me, Natalie and KY.

We left around 12+ (Seb Fontaine had just played for a while) and hit an old school wantan mee stall at Changkat Bukit Bintang. SoOo good. Will definitely take pictures next time.

Then we went to Kelvin‘s house for Rugby World Cup finals. England lost, ST’s grieving so I also tumpang sedih.

But the truth is, I was so satisfied seeing so many tight, muscular arses pilling up onto one another for more than an hour. Didn’t I tell you, I’m an arse woman.

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p/s: Thanks Suan, Kel Li and ST for the pictures!