What’s annoying is that I spent RM200 on a gorgeous pair of metallic gold shoes and they pinched and ate into my poor feet like a disease. Hurt so fucking bad. Poor feet…

I should have known when she said they were exclusively designed here but made in China. The operative word here is, “China”.

God, I’m such a sucker sometimes.

I’ve never worn a single pair of disposable Vincci that fucked up my feet. Not even the sky high stilettos. Boo said that’s because I have a pair of generic feet and they have to make do with generic shoes. I know….he thinks he’s so subtle, right?

But my feet was hurting so bad I could barely move, let alone throw a punch.

I guess it’s back to disposable footwear for me. Damn…

13 thoughts on “Annoying.”

  1. Irony eh? I paid 300 bucks for a pair of fuck-me heels from heaven that turn out to be heels from hell. They gnaw into my feet like hacking chainsaws. While the 50 bucks heels from Vincci I wear everyday didn’t gave me a single blister.

    But what the heck, we’re vain creatures. If looking good means wearing feet-eating shoes, I’ll endure it for the time being. :P

  2. yeah. happens to me as well.

    got a 300+ xoxo shoes and it hurts so bad i took it off after 10 mins of walking.


    i guess vincci save our days.

  3. aiyo how come we all have shoes eating our feet stories wan? i have one PR shoes also killing my feet like no tomorrow… but the trick that works like for few hours was to rub some candle onto the back of the shoe… doesn’t really work for me la… but my friend swears that it works for her!!!

  4. Ok. Weird. Mine is the other way round. I bought a Vincci (which price is not to say that cheap now) and it was so painful that I only wore it once and dumped it away. What a waste of money.

    I think my feet has expensive taste. My dad was right.

  5. Hey, try rubbing candle wax on it. Like loads of candle wax. The cheap candles (the ones you use when there’s a blackout in the house or something) work well. Leave it for awhile, and wear it after a day or so – will feel much better.

  6. Hey Kim, I know that you gym and all, are you joining the Terry Fox run this Sunday? Join lar! Me wanna run, but got no buddies to run with. All of em got excuse, too early lar, too far la, lazy la. Its for cancer research, and my dad has cancer…so..yeah. Spread the news. Thx!

  7. Everyone of us do get lemons sometimes.
    How about going back to the shop and complain?
    Or if worse comes to worst, contact the supplier/
    manufacturer about the defects.
    See if you can get a replacement to your liking or
    a refund.

  8. damocles: she would, but not on this site – only for special ppl….and u won’t get a chance. wait, was i replying to a spam bot?

    babe…same here! my exp zara shoes damn painful (those brown ones i held for st and the black ones i wore at the shoot). they look good..and pain like hell!

    get those cutesy lil jap socks. damn cute n comfy.

    p/s: how da hell did i end up writing my name as damocles? i think that was the first word i typed in the box. kimberly, can u pls delete that.

    ok now looks like damocles is not a spam bot.

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