300 and other things.

I managed to catch 300 yesterday. The cinematography was great, the characters were very well-casted and I absolutely love the whole British dry humour in it. I love the way the story was unfolded by the sardonic narrator and the deliberate but random modern punctuations in the dialogues.

I love how incredibly manly the males were in the film. And it’s not just due to the fact that they were gallivanting half-naked with perfectly sculpted pectorals 99.9% of the time in the film, although it did help. I have a thing for scruffy men. Oooh la la! All the boo needs now is to get rid of the beer belly…woohoot and I can get myself a Leonidas!

I absolutely loved the queen’s comeback to Theron, the crooked politician while she slowly slew him. I love the Queen, she’s exactly the kind of woman I respect and want to be. The kind of women who stand by their men regardless of everything and scheme to help them when the situation calls for it. It reminds me of Laura Linney’s character (Annabeth Markum) in Mystic River.

Annabeth Markum: Celeste called looking for you. She was worried something might happen. She told me about Dave. Told me what she told you. What kind of wive says those things about her husband? And why’d she run to you?
Jimmy Markum: Why did not you call?
Annabeth Markum: Because it’s like I told the girls. Their daddy is a king. And a king knows what to do and does it.

Source: IMDB

(If you haven’t watched Mystic River, please do it!). Errrrr…end of diversion -_-

300 is definitely one of the better films this year. It’s nothing like Gladiator, which was boring as hell. True, there were scenes in 300 that would remind you of that over-rated turkey but both films are set in a similar era and location so it’s not fair to call 300 a copycat.

So go watch it and please do it at the cinema cause the film will be wasted on your tele.


It’s weird, when I was younger, I could even make a topic out of walking across my college’s car park. Now that I have many more happening stuff to talk about, but I just can’t seem to put them into words. I hope my blog is not dying a slow, painful death. Doesn’t help matter that everyday after work, all I wanna do is shower, have a hearty dinner and watch tele. I can’t even bring myself to surf the net.

There must be a way to get back my blogging momentum. But just how am I supposed to do that?

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