The car broke down. And rendered me a handicap the whole freakin day -_-

I missed a photoshoot with the boo in Shah Alam and Michelle’s retail party, so sorry babe =(

Damn it!!! Just when I finally could have some semblance of me time without getting bogged down by work related stuff, the car had to die on me.

I had already slathered myself in sunscreen and insect repellant for the morning’s macro shoot. The car was literally turned into citronella on wheels. Then as I approached the turnoff to Shah Alam from LDP, just before the traffic lights beneath the bridge, it died. Right on the middle of the road where cars were fast and impatient to clear the traffic lights. It was quite scary, couldn’t even get down to push it to the side and not like there were emergency lanes to begin with.

After what seemed like an eternity, the tow truck came. Dude was very nice, he gave me a lift home even though he didn’t need to do so.

I had charged my camera nicely for the shoot as well as Michelle’s party (was determined to camho!) but alas…..

I did use it to document my misfortune though. Poor tow truck guy must have thought he was giving a lift to a nut case. Here is the set of pictures I shall call “Stalled”.

Shell necklace from Philippines to remind you of the beach.

Only coin undiscarded for Touch N Go.

Have you sat in a tow truck before?

Weathered hand humbles me.

No rest, not even on a Saturday.

p/s: Two of my friends got married on Friday, to each other. I’m so happy for you two =)

Best wishes to both of you!

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