My staple pregger outfit – Same design, same size but different colours.

I haven’t been very creative with dressing my pregnancy. The two things I’ve been wearing to death….old oversized t-shirts or these basic dresses from H&M which I have been wearing way before I got knocked up.

Sometimes I would slip on an elasticated skirt underneath to extend the length if I felt a little conservative.

# – 21 weeks

# – 22 weeks

# – 23 weeks

# – 24 weeks

I love these H&M dresses! They fit my upper body (which hasn’t seen much changes, DAMN you boobs why have you stopped growing???) but stretch comfortably to accommodate the growing belly.

I am obsessed with dropping in H&M just to see if they had brought in new colours cause I want to buy them all.

And the best thing is, they go for RM39.90 a pop!

6 thoughts on “My staple pregger outfit – Same design, same size but different colours.”

  1. Kimberly,
    You look great in those very feminine and attractive outfits!

    A great role model for pregger moms!

  2. When I was pregnant, I stocked up on a lot of buttoned down tops in anticipation of breastfeeding as well as these stretchy dresses.

    There are a lot of quite good coordinates on Maternalove & Mothers En Vogue. Not sure whether you can get them at Mothercare in KL. I lived on those up to months after I delivered!

    1. Kimbely,

      Agree that some would differ, but then some people have no GOOD taste.

      Your outfits, are classic modern, they make you attractive as a women and mommy to be!

      Cannot get much better than that!

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