Crabs, talkshow taping and margarita.

It really was just an excuse to have crabs for dinner, playing audiences for a talk show. The studio for the show taping is located near our favourite seafood restaurant. So we thought, “Why not? Since it’s in the same area, lets eat some crabs”. And so we did. A lot of crabs and deep fried buns. Not the best decision I’ve made because……

I had to bloody “suck it in” everytime the camera floated pass me! I was so fortunate to be seated at the bar, on a high stool, which effectively rendered me to what seemed like an eternity of sucking my guts in.

Notice the constipated expression? Obviously even holding it in had made no difference.

The show is hosted by the ever eloquent Patrick Teoh and is written by TV. I don’t know what exactly is PinkPau’s role but it seems she’s doing quite a good job keeping the production together.

Cam ho’ing with Patrick Teoh.

Cam ho’ing with TV and PinkPau.

We were lucky to have gotten Ida Nerina as the guest because that woman is pure entertainment about to burst out from a hot little body. I loved her in Sepet and Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam (seriously, how did she manage not to talk in that movie?). After she finished being harrassed by Patrick, we harrassed her some more for pictures and she graciously obliged us eventhough she was rushing off to another place.

Group pic with Ida Nerina. w00t!

The band was quite good, I can’t believe I didn’t catch its name. I think they’re playing at Bangkok Jam (or is it Bangkok Jazz?) this Saturday. After the show wrapped up, they started jamming some Tiesto and we basically danced all over the place.

Me, FA, Suan and some of the musicians.

At the set before we left. Me, Suan, Nazrul, ST, FA, Jaime and KY.

We adjourned to Laundry Bar, where I drank a little more than half a glass of margarita and apparently turned a little obnoxious. Didn’t help matter that some prepubescent kids sounded like they were literally having band practice sessions, what the flying….!? It must be pointed out though that I managed to stay awake till I passed out in bed, AT HOME. My alcohol tolerance is getting there, fuckers….just you wait.

*Pictures stolen from Suan’s camera.

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