From Us to You

It’s been a month since it happened. I have mostly accepted it, I think, but I still have parts that can’t comprehend the loss. The parts that turn me into a mess of tears and breathlessness ever so often. I shall overcome, in time.

When we passed from here to there, we knew your heart would break.
It’s here not there where we reside; in mountains, fields, and lakes.
In the break of each new dawn and when the sun goes down,
In birds and trees and skies of blue, you’ll know we’re still around.
A broken heart we gave to you, no way to take that back;
Grieve for now, but don’t stay long in the hole that’s filled with black.
If we were there and you were here, you would clearly see
That you’re right there and we’re right here, it’s where we choose to be.
So dance and sing and laugh out loud, just like you used to do;
We know it’s hard, but you have to see that we’re right here with you.
And when you feel like crying, try and smile through the tears;
We hope you will remember, we’ll love you for a thousand years.
And when you’re feeling lonely, and you don’t know what to do,
Just close your eyes and read this letter, from us to you.

I didn’t write this poem. I found it in a user review of a spiritual book about grieving. I changed the pronoun to “we” and instantly felt like they were speaking to me. I feel immensely sad reading it but also better at the same time? I don’t know how to explain but this poem helps me. Thank you to whoever that wrote it.

2 thoughts on “From Us to You”

  1. Hi Kimberly!

    I’ve been a silent reader of Dayre of yours for a while now and I have been missing from it for a while and I was shocked and sad to hear of this piece of sad news. But I hope you’ll find strength in sadness, happiness within the tears, hope within the grief, the light within the darkness.

    I lost my mother in December last year and it has been a tough time. There are days I never want to see anyone and the littlest thing gets me triggered. This beautiful poem spoke out to me too – such purity and such rawness.

    It’s definitely not the same but I hope you do find the light within the darkness from your husband, Liam and friends and readers. And i hope you will find the hope within the grief and know that everyone loves you and will always be here for you. Don’t think we’re of the same religion, but they’re there, somewhere, watching over you and praying for your safety and for your happiness and for your love.

    Please don’t give up. Don’t give up hope, don’t give up love and don’t give up happiness. It’s a dark time but do seek the torch to pass through from friends and family.

    Lots of love,
    Dayre Reader ❤️

  2. Hi Kim, speaking from my own experience of baby loss, I can validate what you are feeling is common. I believe being in a support community helps in our journey of healing from this awful experience, so do try to reach out. You will feel less lonelier at times, but sometimes as you put it, you can feel both sad and lighter at the same time. Be kind to yourself and let yourself feel what you need to feel, it takes time. Hugs.

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