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W00t. I am actually a published writer.

There is a new book in town.

Forget those cookie-cutter travel leaflets… read this book instead! From spotting lumbering greenback turtles in the postcard-perfect Perhentians, to being scared stiff by a Japanese goddess in seductive Lang Tengah, to getting acquainted with a cheeky kitten-raping monkey in mythical Langkawi, to finding Nemo and his dad in dazzling Selingan… exotic Malaysian islands present an assortment of mind-blowing experience for the diver, snorkeler, sunbather and beachcomber – from the good, to the bad and to the finest. Knee-slapping, heart-warming and occasionally hair-raising (think lunatic bus drivers, ghosts and snakes), this collection of 30 absolutely dripping-with-local-color tales, as narrated by adventurers who have been there and seen it all, is bound to pack a wallop to the reader’s imagination.

And I’m so honoured to be one of its contributors.

Preview of “Malaysian Islands: the good, the bad and the finest” in PDF form. Check out this site, the book has already gotten so many positive reviews. I’m so proud :D

So you need evidence that it’s not another preppy, formal, pretentious travel guide? Here are they….

Appendix 1

Appendix 2. ROTFLOL

You can get both hardcopy and softcopy from Lulu.com. The book is also available in Amazon.com, but Amazon currently ships this book within the US of A only.

Do check it out peeps :D I love it and I’m sure you’ll do too.

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