Laundry Bar Launch.

Remember when I mistook a bar for a laundry? The good folks from the bar decided to invite me to their launching to convince me that it is indeed a bar. And so I went…

Arrived at The Curve a tad early hoping to catch some dinner before hopping over to Laundry Bar but as I passed by the place, it was already bustling with people. Damn happening.

The bar area.

So I gave dinner a pass, signed the guestbook, entered the place and hope to spot a familiar face. I love the decor! Unpainted walls with elegant murals, lovely lightings and plenty of seats.

Laundry Bar.

The music was good…ranging from funkified oldies to reaggae to dnB to garage to R&B. Me loving the Laundry Bar already. The fact that it’s next to my gym certainly adds to it.


First people I spotted were Shaolin Tiger, TV Smith, Zona, Nazrul and MuteAudio.

Zona, TV and Nazrul.

Le Tiger and Kimberlycun.

Me and Zona.

Me and Nazrul.

We were all seated at the bar corner, where they kept shoving us very delicious food from Italiannies. I think I counted about 7 kinds of dishes. The drinks were of course, free flow :D

What’s wrong TV?


Also mine.

All also mine


Later on, Sharizal dropped by. And Farah. Also saw Jia-Wei (who played Ruth in The Homecoming).

Kimberlycun, Jia-Wei and Farah

Of course, I wouldn’t miss any opportunity to camho now, would I?

Shiny, shiny disco balls.

Aspiring poster girl

Dancing queen, eat your heart out.

Think I just posted damn a lot of pictures. Phew!

Fun place. Will definitely drop by more often. Thanks to the good people from Laundry Bar for the invitation ;)

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