People with turd parents, Kavi and today’s boob watch.

This morning I went to the bank to deposit and withdraw money. It’s pretty fine until this fucker decided to stand right beside me while I was doing my business. What a rude idiot! I don’t know about you, but my Mom has always taught me to stand at least a foot behind the person using the ATM. I don’t want people to look at my depleted funds and I certainly hate to think that these fuckers do what they do because they’re preparing to pounce on me at some corner after getting an inkling about my PIN.

The difference between good parents and turd parents is 1 foot.

Kavi my babe came back from down under for her semester break. Apparently she’s pissed because I didn’t put “Meet Kavi” on my must-be-done-list. I told her that eventhough I didn’t write it down, it only meant that I remember it with sheer brain power. Hehehe. Oh and she bought me a bag of my favourite Bounty! :D

Kavi and moi.

We had delicious Vietnamese food at 1U. After lunch, we walked around the complex and stumbled upon the funniest thing of the day. Check out this banner at Dragon-I Restaurant…

The Chef looks damn manly and pro, right? He’s made it into the Guinness Book of Record, but I don’t know for what reason cause the words on the certificate were too small. Instead, they made something else extra big…

They have 2 or 3 of the same banner displayed at the shopfront.

I’ve actually seen the same banner a couple of months back. I can’t believe they’re still using it!

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