Pancakes are uplifting.

I think…

I think I’m going to go make myself some fluffy pancakes.

This final year thesis is depressing me.

I can’t wait to graduate.

Pancakes are uplifting. My butt, literally.

++ Edit ++

Yeah, I freakin did it.

I freakin fried pancakes at the struck of midnight.

For all I know, I’m a wife material because I bloody cook your supper. Provided that I get to eat too.

Anyway, I’ve learnt a lesson. Don’t buy cheap electrical appliances. Cause the plastic flicker will snap on you when you want to whip eggwhites for fluffy pancakes.

Rotten Chinese plastic. Don’t ask about the stains, I can’t remember the last time I used that thing.

So I stole SariPartyGirl’s pancake recipe. This girl can cook with looks to boot. And her Bollywood boyfriend is damn hot, ok. Speaking of Bollywood, I have to convince my Mom to subscribe to next month’s Astro BoxOffice. Why? Because there is Aamir Khan! He IS SO SO SO SO HOT! I first knew him from Dil Chata Hai and since he’s been my object of fantasy for a number of times. Today, I saw the promo for The Rising: Ballad of Mangal Pandey. Oh. My. Gawd *pants*

Ok…back to pancakes :P

1. Whip the egg whites and salt till so fluffy it flows no more. Even with the bowl overturned.
2. Mix the yolks, cake mixture (I didn’t use flour cause I didn’t have any) and milk/water together.
3. Fold in the egg whites into the batter.
4. Mix well.

1. Put a dollop of batter onto a well-oiled wok (Sorry, typical chinese household with no non-stick pan).
2. It was fine, then I burnt the second pancake.

3. Next, I poured in so much oil I was practically deep-frying the thing.
4. Voila. Butter and honey topping.

1. Pancakes of different sizes = N00b cook.
2. Consume with care.
3. Chomp. chomp. chomp.
4. Verdict: I am the queen of pancakes.

Then I got guilty for breaking my diet and transfered the sin to my 13 year old brother. He’s growing anyway.

++ /Edit ++

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