The man in my life is a baby.

Dad was struck with very mild diarrhoea (if there’s any word I still can’t spell properly, it’s diarrhoea. Thank heaven for What is it with men…when they’re sick, they start to talk and behave like a baby? Dad was no different, he lied on the sofa, groaning in pseudo misery. Under normal circumstances, I’d just ignore him and let the other woman in his life to attend to him but since it’s the 29th already *cough*, I had no choice but to entertain the little old man.

Mr. Low: *Groan* I am pangsai-ing like hell. Got medicine or not?

Kimberlycun: I go see in the fridge. Checked out the fridge. Only go the Po Chai Yuen, Di.

Mr. Low: Hrm..can trust or not one?

Kimberlycun: Can. Fetched water and medicine. Here….

Dad took a couple of sips of water while holding the medicine on his other hand. I continued watching TV. Suddenly, my Dad choked and spat something out.

“Wah…why so big one?”

He tried to swallow the plastic sphere containing the tiny pills.

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