Almost a typical Tuesday.

Thanks to mom for waking me up this morning. Otherwise I would have missed another class. I asked her to break down my door if she must, and she almost did.

At last, I washed the car. Even sprayed garden mist in it. Baby is so shiny now. Can’t wait to drive it tomorrow. Hahaha.

Mopped every floor area in the house. Cleared up mess in my room. Uncluttered room breeds uncluttered mind. Know?

I’ve finally mastered hulahooping with my arms. Yay. Fucking painful though. But I will not stop until my arms shrink.

Dad’s raving about the divinity of Rotiboy’s mexican bun. Even went as far to suggest we start up a bakery shop. Too bad, he doesn’t realise that the fad’s probably over like, century ago? Sometimes I can’t help but be humoured by the naivety of my parents. And to think that one day I’ll morph into the exact replica of them. Hahaha.

What does it tell you about a man who utters “You’re too kind” when you say you love him?

4 thoughts on “Almost a typical Tuesday.”

  1. You say, “I love you” and he says, “You’re too kind.” It means he thinks you shouldn’t have said what you have said, and also that he doesn’t feel the same way. Sorry.

  2. You said i love you and he was around long enough to utter you’re too kind? lol Just kidding. That’s pretty weak to just say you’re too kind. Sounds like he’s just being indifferent to you (it was a he right? a guy can only hope)My way of thinking its better to be either totally romantically into someone or only really physically attracted to someone rather than just being indifferent.

  3. hhhmm.. I really don’t know but as with life, there’s always two ways to decipher his words. One way is he can say that because it can be words that show a humbleness in a person while on the flip-side it can be the negative answers that the previous commentors have said. All i can say is that never EVER EVER assume anything. i’m sure you’ve read my blog, if you want something, ASK! ;)

    Cheers!!! :D

  4. a Buaya’s answer:

    that means he wants you to love-hate him, and tie-him-up with rafia strings, clad only in his underwear… ooow! hit me baybae! whack! oooooo ;)

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