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Evidently I was not an anti-socialite.

Suan‘s been complaining that I was being an anti-social. Where got?

So here are some evidence of non-anti-social behaviour:

I attended Dell’s Colours party at Centro where Erna won a Dell Studio Hybrid PC for being the best dressed. WTG!

Me and Suan
Me and Suan. Thanks for the pic, Suan!

Me and Dell's geisha.
Me with Dell’s red geisha. Thanks again for the pic, Suan!

Camwhoring in the toilet.
Full length mirror in the ladies…how could I have resisted?

I also went to Nuffnang-Nokia Silent Halloween Party where I put up together a costume at the 11th hour. I used my very first prom dress (which was a little snug -_-), a black feather boa I never used, a lot of baby talcum powder, black eyeshadow and black eyeliner.

Voila…Morticia minus the height and plus the girth. Ah Pau, you are correct!

Morticia wannabe

But most people whom I asked to guess my costume, said “Elvira”. And I had no bleeding idea who Elvira was till I googled.

This is Elvira..


And this is Morticia..


So, Elvira or Morticia?

In my opinion the best costume of the evening was Joe, who went as Kurt Cobain. He did all the makeup himself and you could read how he painstakingly put his costume together here.

Joe as Kurt Cobain.
With Kurt Cobain.

My favourite costume was the Paris Hilton though. Hehehe.

Paris and Me
Paree and me.

He/She’s none other than Rui, who did not just come to the party in Paris Hilton’s clothes, he totally played out his role. I love! By the way, he won a Nokia 5320 XpressMusic phone for the best costume in the female category haha.

Me and Robb the mummy.
With Robb the mummy.

With Yatz
Ah Yat seriously scared the poop out of me. He was really scary as Sadako!

Wacko Jacko and his pubes
KY (he is Rain, as in the popstar) playing with Wacko Jacko’s pubes. Can you guess who Jacko is?

Lucy Liu
With Lucy Liu.

Party was a lot of fun. Food was good. Music was great. And the highlight of the evening, silent dancing! We wore our earphones and started dancing to a pre-installed list of music by DJ NickyC. Kellster even won a Nokia 5220 XpressMusic phone for being the best silent dancer! w00t!

Silent dancers.
Silent dancers.

Kellster danced like a pro.

And Nigel, the tireless videographer of the evening won another Nokia 5220 XpressMusic phone for having the best post on the party. Check out his videos here. Congrats :)

So how can you say I’ve been an anti-socialite?

Yeah sure, I have been neglecting my blog. But that’s what you do when you’re pre-occupied with other more important things in your life, innit? Like going back to see my dog at my parents’ where internet access was limited by a Dota playing fiend of a brother. Speaking of which, here are some new pictures of our Sisi.

Her hair has grown a little…she’s looking more lady-like again :)




p/s: All pictures are mine unless stated or watermarked. Thanks Shaolin Photo, Suan and Mike Yip for the pics!

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First post from my Nokia N95

Prawn mee from Champ's.

After much fiddling and some help from the boo, I’ve finally managed to blog from my Nokia N95. I’m so excited, now I can blog from anywhere, anytime! Check out the best Penang prawn mee in PJ at Champ’s, BU. Yummy :) p/s: special thanks to David Lian for the awesome phone and for being such a good sport containing my meltdown when the phone decided to try out the life of an expensive brick. All is well now, my sim card was to be blamed. Also thanks to Colbert for all the necessary tips and scripts. p/s/s: just need to figure out how to hyperlink and type in different paragraphs and it’ll be perfect. Is there even a way? Right now have to do the links from my laptop :P

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The day is saved. Err not really.

Managed to retrieve 95% of my contact numbers. I’ve backed up everything including the phone settings and now the files are safely tucked in my external hard disk, gmail server and two other web hosting servers.

If I lost my shit again, I’d probably need to wear a helmet when I go out.

++ Update ++

Just realised I can’t send text messages out anymore! What the hell is happening?

Keeps saying “Unable to Send Message” and when I press for detail, it says “Text message: Not Allowed”. I’ve updated the firmware again and it went really well. So what is wrong? Urgh.

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