Back in KL!

I’m home! I had 6 amazing days in Hyderabad, India. A lot of people asked me on Twitter, why Hyderabad? Actually, we’re mainly there to attend the wedding of Chatts, ST‘s good friend cum ex-colleague.

We got the invitation from Chatts a couple of months ago but we were not sure whether it’s a good time to leave the country as we anticipated moving house around the same time. In the end, we asked ourselves…how often do you get to attend a good friend’s wedding in India? The answer was pretty clear. Also, we took it as our 6th anniversary honeymoon ;)

Before we left though, we bought some multi-coloured blackboard chalks and headed to our new place to……. urmm vandalise the walls :P

# – Cocks and balls on the walls.

Yeap, poor contractor. He probably wished he had never met us. The chalks were used to circle out bits of the walls that we wanted him to improve or fix. They were issues like small holes, paint splat, leftover bristle from the paint brushes and many more. On the first day we reached Hyderabad, I got a call from him and he revealed he’s bought brand new buckets of paints to redo all the walls….

I feel really bad for him but at the same time, admire his patience and willingness to do the best for his customers.

Anyway, the first Hyderabadi thing I got acquainted with was the road traffic. I’ll blog about it more extensively in my later posts but let me give you an idea…

People there must use side mirrors and rear mirrors to look at their own reflections while driving because I can’t think of uses other than that. The less narcissistic ones just remove the mirrors altogether. Oh and EVERYBODY has a crazy loud horn.

They should make a video driving game called “Staying alive in Hyderabad”.

# – In an auto rickshaw, the staple public transportation that is cheap and efficient.

After arriving in KL, on the way home. One thing that I instantly noticed was that, we KL-ites are incredibly, incredibly quiet.

# – On the way home in a Proton Wira.

I’m missing Hyderabad already.

i is back in kl

yeah i’m back. and it’s so goood to be home. but my period is also here, so it’s putting a damper on my mood.

shit loads of work. i dunno where to start. a couple of advertorials that are about as interesting as a gunny sack.

my first meal back in kl? a mean bowl of prawn mee with succulent pork ribs at champ’s in centrepoint. the best stuff ever, totally worth every single cent. we also ordered a new dish, some sort of fried squid that’s got the most delicious batter – crunchy, a lil spicy and very very nice.

#1 – prawn and pork mee.
prawn mee @ champs

#2 – fried squid.
deep fried squid.

got a picture of a child throwing a tantrum. what was it about? think it was about me threatening to twitpic his picture or something.

#3 – lil child.

got my car back too. everything’s in order except that my car came back with some presents. someone, somewhere out there is missing a pair of pastel pink shoes and brolly.

#4 free umbrella and used shoes.

i tell you, knowing people in the car industry has its perks, even if it means getting a miserable umbrella and an ugly pair of shoes.

here’s me in the wrx sti. i’d like to post a picture of the odometer but i might land in jail. jobless.


i look like shit. and my hair looks like shit. i know.