MidZone Countdown 2008 hit the spot!

MidZone Countdown 2008 was awesome. Glad I ended the year with the best countdown party in town. Right after the clock struck 12, the fireworks came on to greet the new year. It was amazing, we were standing right underneath it. One of the longest ever…about 15 minutes and choreographed to sync with the music. They were the best fireworks I’ve ever seen and I was in awe. Not surprising as the fireworks were done by the same folks who did the Putrajaya’s MIFC.

These pictures certainly don’t do justice to them but trust me, I was so overwhelmed by their beauty I almost cried. All pictures were taken with my trusty Nokia N95.

MidZone Countdown 2008 fireworks.

Midzone Countdown 2008 fireworks.

MidZone Countdown 2008 fireworks

After the fireworks, the crowd continued to party. One of the best parts was when the organiser released gigantic balls onto the crowd. We were jumping around trying to bounce the balls as high up as possible.

MidZone Countdown 2008 gigantic balls.

MidZone Countdown 2008 gigantic balls.

As the party grew bigger, the organiser whipped out another surprise in the form of a dancing laser chick. It was the most enchanting thing I’ve ever seen! Basically, this lady danced in the lines of laser beams wearing a costume covered in mirrors. The effect created was simply breath-taking!

MidZone Countdown 2008 laser dancer.

MidZone Countdown 2008 crowd.
Party revellers.

Stoneface & Terminal finally came out around 1.30am. They blasted the crowd with all they’ve got. It was so good, I was dancing like a mad woman in my crew shirt…would have been embarrassing if I weren’t surrounded by like-minded people. First, TsenTsen and I were dancing in the crowd (cause the more the merrier mah) but eventually we decided to check out the backstage, so I wielded my PR Crew pass.

MidZone Countdown 2008 Stoneface & Terminal.
Stoneface & Terminal showing off.

Stoneface & Terminal commanding the crowd!
Stoneface & Terminal commanding the crowd!

Thanks to all the my friends cum bloggers (Earl, Jolene, Xes, Kellster, Jenifer, ST, Suan and KY) for helping to make MidZone Countdown 2008 known far and wide. Thanks to Dabido who have joined us to usher in the new year, all the way from Australia and sticking around till 3am with me. Thanks Adli and Baldeshah for being such a good sport, it was really nice meeting you! Thank you to my friend, John and his team from the best and biggest clubbing site in Malaysia, MASH. Thank you Kenny, uber-famous but possibly the humblest and nicest blogger I’ve ever known (wish you were there, dude!).

I’ll end this post with my favourite picture from the night, stolen from TsenTsen’s camera.

ST,me and TsenTsen.

Happy New Year 2008!

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