Alcoholic faux pas.

I went to Luna Bar yesterday. For the first time, yeah I know I’m terribly out. Lovely, lovely place, view was absolutely gorgeous. But just too many lifts to take and stairs to climb. Not quite a good place to go if you’re planning to get pissed.

Anyway, I ordered a virgin strawberry daiquiri. I tasted it and it was good, yeah it was. And there’s a tinge of bitterness to it I assumed was just ordinary bitters. A while later, I fell asleep on the sofa after flashing (yes, I lifted up my tunic to reveal the inside layer) my boo for 1/2 hours (apparently, I can never be brought out in public ever again).

After that, I woke up puking out all the pizza and chicken wings I had earlier in one of the loveliest toilets I’ve ever had the opportunity to mess up. Cool.

Then I stumbled down multiple flight of stairs and squatted in a few lifts before reaching the car park and then I puked again. Next to a sleek pearlescent purple TVR. Double cool!!

Slept throughout the way home, and upon entering the living hall, I stripped and went straight to bed…naked except for the makeup.

Woke up with unexplainable feeling of embarrassment.

Virgin strawberry daiquiri eh?

p/s: I’m starting a new category for my blog, for all the alcoholic no-nos I’ve committed.

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