My week.

Apologies for the slew of advertorials. I wish I could be a better blogger and at least slip in more personal posts in between but… got in the way.

I had a pretty terrible week. It started with a scheduled power cut at home which I had no idea about.

Then I made my way out and was met with the most epic traffic jam.

As I inched slowly towards Subang, my car’s aircon suddenly started blowing warm air. And soon after that, I noticed that the temperature arrow was hitting the red.

So I stopped my car on the side of NKVE. Tried calling the emergency assist hotline of my insurance provider for about 30 minutes. It must have been a busy morning for them…

At last, I got them to send a tow truck over. Which took more than an hour. Good thing Gareth was able to accompany me.

Suzy had to be admitted, and after a long diagnosis…we found out that a piping from the radiator was leaking. They had to take out the entire content of the bonnet to get to it.

Luckily for me, the workshop’s owner is a close friend so he promised to spend the whole day to work at Suzy for me. Thank you Yee. If you have any car issue, please do check out Development of Motorsport in USJ.

Yee is one of the most honest and reliable people we know, not to mention incredibly knowledgeable in car related stuff so you can be assured you’re in good hands. In fact, he has saved both our asses numerous times.

# – Suzy getting fixed.

Suzy was fixed by 11pm and it wasn’t even squealing anymore (I was having this squealing issue for a couple of weeks which bugged the crap out of me). If you had followed my updates, I thought the noise was fixed at my neighbourhood workshop, but the damn sound came back two days later.

I am glad to report that Yee has managed to fix it for good :)

The middle of the week was so much better. I realised my hair was finally long enough to tie a sock bun and I love it.

I think I’ll keep the length for a while more.

# – Bun.

I know this might be an incredibly vapid matter to be happy about but hey I am just counting my blessings :)

Not to forget, me and Gareth also received a Samsung Note 2 each as wedding gifts from a very, very dear friend. His grey and mine in white.

# – New toys.

Sometimes, I do wonder what we have done to deserve such people in our lives. I am thankful and I want to be a better person for them all.

Yesterday was bad. It started as mild period cramps which developed into a crippling pain. It was so bad I was on the verge of blacking out.

My legs went jelly, my ears were ringing and my vision was like a tunnel closing in. I was lucky that I managed to focus enough to walk to a sofa and sit down. I was pouring cold sweats. It really, really hurt.

I am thankful to Sham who drove me to the hospital and informed Gareth, Andrea who kept by my side, Lina who took care of my belongings and Celine who skipped her favourite movie in the world to be with me.

The guy who wheeled me into the emergency room said in malay that I “kena sampuk”, which is “got possessed by a ghost”. I guess I was wailing that terribly :P

They stuck a needle into my hand and gave me painkillers. Then they sent me home. I was just happy I didn’t need to stay in the hospital.

# – Ouch.

I guess it’s not that terrible a week after all. I am here blogging after all.

Most importantly, I’ve come to realise those who will stick by me through thick and thin. And also those that I have no qualms sticking by for.

You know what, actually I had a pretty good week.

3 thoughts on “My week.”

  1. Friends in need are friends indeed. You are blessed with friends who totally care about you, through sunshine and rain. :)

  2. This is the most narcissistic blog I’ve seen in my time in Malaysia.

    “Look at me. Look at me”

    Really, nobody cares.

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