Damn hairdresser!

I’ve already stated very clearly, I want the front to be long and the back to be shorter, kinda puffy (similar to Denise Keller’s current do), not too much layering I want to have a classic style. And you said you know what I mean. You said, yeah…concave mah.

Then you cut and cut and cut and cut and now I end up looking like a little boy.

Fuck you lah!!!!!!!!!! I said you’ve veered off course but you kept saying you’re making my hair look good. Fuck you lah!!!!!!!! What’s the point of making my hair look good if it doesn’t make me look good. I don’t want to look like a little boy!!!!!!!! And the worst thing of all it doesn’t even look good, you’ve layered so much my hair looks so fucking flat. I hate you I HATE YOUUUUUUU

So what you’re the fucking “professional stylist”, stick your awards up your fucking arse now I look like a little boy. I don’t care if 200 million Ah Lians think my hair looks good, cause I’d be fucking damed if I needed approval from them. Asshole, now I don’t even know if it’s possible to grow my hair out without looking like a homeless person later on.

Why???? What’s my crime?? I thought all my previous bad hair days were attributed to cheap hairdressers so I switched to a more upmarket one, also same thing!? WTFWTFWTF lies all lies.

Does this look concave to you?

It’s bloody jagged.

Flatter than my boobs.

Never again, I’m just going to grow my hair till I look like Rapunzel.

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