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First day at work.

It’s my first day of work at a PR firm. I quite like the job and being paid RM6.80 per hour didn’t even bother me. I like the location of the office, my colleagues are cool (except for this bitchy chick; going to talk about her later) and my boss is a very nurturing lady. I used a Mac for the first time, I couldn’t stand the keyboard cause the cap lock was located at the bottom but everything else about it was way too cool. I want a Powerbook!!! Everyone, my birthday’s coming? Hehehe.

Half of today’s work was calling people up to confirm their attendance for some signing ceremony. I learnt to prepare press kits (easy peasy) and I told my boss that I could write press release too, if she’d let me try. The other half was spent browsing through various newspapers looking for any news pertaining to the company’s main clients. Not bad, getting paid for reading.

I’m only going to be there for a week though as I was only hired to take over the boss’s secretary’s work when she goes on vacation. Anyway, if all went well, I hope the boss would take me in as an intern. I’m quite keen on that.

About my bitchy colleague, she snapped at me cause I misaligned the document I was photostating, resulting in 30 pieces of wasted A4 papers. It’s my first day of work for goodness sake. She also speaks too loud, bitches about other people on the company’s telephone, thinks she’s very lucky she didn’t get the job to become Mahaleel’s PA (oh give me a break!) and brags too much about her impending trip to London (she called four people in the span of one hour to bitch about her rude roommate who refuses to start her car when/(if) she’s away in London). Still, I’ve only known her for a day, I suppose it’s too quick for me to judge.

The secretary has given me a briefing of what to do and what to expect next week. Loads of work and some stuff that I’ve never even done before (it includes things like sending mails via couriers, I’m nervous…don’t laugh :P).

Right after work, I went home just in time to find banana sundae! Dessert was awesome, thank you. After that, I went to KL to attend a relative’s wedding dinner. Always never fail to give me the giddy feelings. It’s quite sad to see that many chinese are dissing the wedding customs (specifically the angpow part lah), when really it’s just a resentment derived from their own inferiority complex. Give what you can afford, what’s so difficult about that?

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