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Manic Monday.

Been ages since I had a full day like today. Woke up at 6.30am then headed to Cyberjaya for an event. Worked till about 2pm and then went back to office, left it at 6pm. Headed straight to Canon at Saujana Resort to hand in some konked up camera. Then to AsiaCafe for a feast. Had pizza, bbq stingray, gyoza, satay and chilli squids. Feeling damn puffy now.

Bitchy girl at work lost her phone. “Why am I punished like this?”, she screamed as she stepped into the office. Isn’t it a surprise that she has no inkling at all?

Saw something that really infuriated me for a second. I’ve been ripped off about 40% of my true wages by my agency. I know there’d be a chunk going to their account, but forty freakin’ percent? This is really fucked up you know. ARGGHHHH relax the Kim!

The ripped-off part is not so much a pain in the butt than the state of the local recruitment industry today. I will have a whole post dedicated to ranting about it. For now, I need to go to bed already. Ciao peeps.

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