Brush with a road bully.

Around 5pm, I decided to go to gym. On the way there, this fucker recklessly cut into my lane. Since my car’s honk is wonked, I decided to give him the finger. He saw. He made emergency brakes, trying to lure me into rear-ending him. Since I drive pretty well (what with genetic makeup of a former rally driver), I outwitted him. However, this ass of a fucker refused to budge. Instead, he decided to tail me to my destination. For what reason, I don’t know.

Anyway, the fucker managed to tail me to my gym. I was planning to drive into the yard of some car dealer friend of my dad’s hoping those gangsta peeps could whip him (and his ugly passenger) into a pulp. But then I must be a little panicked, I drove pass it, hence losing my opportunity. I circled the building where my gym is for two times and by then he was still behind me, I decided to dial 999. After about 2 mins of irrelevant talk, I finally got to talk to somebody who was in charge. He asked me to stay calm and kept driving. I gave him the fucker’s plate number. I told him I was going to drive to the nearest police station then I hung up.

By the 3rd circle, the fucker was already gone. But I still didn’t want to go to my gym or home, fearing he might whack me or worse, rape/kill me. Cop called me again and asked me to go to some petrol station nearby. I went there, waited a while then I saw the patrol car. I can’t believe I’d say this, but the cops were very nice to me. Even when I told them the blatant truth that I gave the fucker a finger. After jotting down my account of the incident, they escorted me back to my gym and waved me goodbye.

The adrenaline rush got me going. I worked out for 2 hours without a huff.

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