Making the best out of it.

Those people who installed toiletry cabinet above the toilet bowl must be the stupidest, most insensitive dimwits ever. Have they ever considered what kind of inconvenience it causes? Let me give you some examples.

Scenario 1

1. You woke up. Unbelievably groggy from last night’s supper.
2. You took a pee. Sometimes a dump.
3. You reached for your toothbrush in the cabinet.
4. Your clumsy hand knocked your tongue scraper.
5. It fell into the toilet bowl.
6. Read: I didn’t flush.

Scenario 2

1. You peed. Sometimes a dump.
1. You’re happily showering.
2. You reached for your shower cream.
3. Shower cream knocked the loofah.
4. It fell into the toilet bowl.
5. Loofah soaked it all in.
6. Read: I didn’t flush.


You could salvage the situation and your pride by say, wash your tongue scraper with 3 different kinds of cleaning agents + a good 10 minutes of blowdrying or till before the plastic melts. Next, give yourself an instant amnesia (permanent too) and scrap your tongue like a good girl.

On the other hand, carefully rinse the contaminated loofah and exchange it with your brother’s. Then again, who knows what he has done with his. So really, it’s a gamble. But, then again, what you don’t know doesn’t kill you.

I’m sure by now some of you might ask why not just purchase new tongue scraper and loofah? Well, it has to do with some laziness and a whole lot of hokkien sensibility.

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