The weekend and the disgust (continues).

I meant to do a recap of my weekend earlier on, but since the pictures were not taken with my camera, I had to delay it until now.

Friday night was awesome. After a long spell of MIA, I went to a relatively new club called La Casa to celebrate Seong’s birthday. Were joined by G, FireAngle aka seriously-hot-hoochi-momma-cum-girl-magnet and the gang. Everyone seemed to remember me ‘as the one (another version is “the hot one”, really!) who puked’, which put me off from attempting to drink. Danced from 10pm to 3am. So, yeah, it was great.

Here are a few pics from Jayn’s phone.

I love you, Jayn. Hot angmoh is G.

Woke up on Saturday afternoon (with massive knee pain) and adjourned to Mid Valley for lunch in conjunction with Kavi’s impending abandonement of us for Australia. I’m going to miss you so bloody much :( Food at Chilli’s was awesome (there went my diet). I had grilled chicken sandwich cause it’s supposed to be lighter (yeah, right!) but eventually, I succumbed to the infamous melton chocolate cake (which, I had to bloody share…bummer).

Here are some captures. Don’t comment on my puffiness.

clockwise from left: Me, Kavi, Shari and Bengiz

The Spread

Me and Kavi

The Girls

Bengiz struggling to finish his meal while we’re busy hunting for crumbs.

“Light” grilled chicken sandwich

Succumbed to this but there’s no regret.

Later that day, I joined G and faggots for dinner. You can see pictures of the meal here. I swear I could down 3 bowls of rice with those asam prawns, but lunch was still swimming in the tummy. Maybe next time.

Regarding my previous post, I heard that there wasn’t much support except for a couple of horny old men. Yeah what do you expect, Malaysians are mostly arrogant lot….we hardly blink at the sight of local celebrities wannabes (ok, perhaps only when they’re wearing shades in clubs). Who are they anyway, a couple of verbally-challenged tv hosts, short male models, stage performers (with shows only classless yuppies attend) and failed-old-and-still-trying actors/actresses. Especially that over-aged one who is spokeperson for the Thalgo facial thingy…oh my gawd…her face is like fuckin’ shrivelled rubber. Even my mom seriously has better, glowing skin than hers. What the hell?

I digress. Okay, so that was kind of harsh. But, gawd why glorify them in the name of charity? It’s really blatant insult to Malaysians’ compassion for the needy. Are we that superficial and shallow as to contribute in exchange for something – especially something so frightfully vain? I’ve grown up watching Hong Konger’s brand of charity drive on television. They use celebrities but they hardly ever glorify them. In those events, most celebrities usually perform taxing/embarasssing/dangerous stunts in order to raise funds. Yes, so one may argue that it attracts publicity too, but it’s to their detriment. And they are smart enough to leave those toothy smiles at home too.

Am working tomorrow. The job title is hazardous to everyone so am not going to name it until I find out how the job really is.


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