Love hate relationship.

This have been keeping me up, till I overslept and missed class this morning. Pathetic, I know. But oh so addictive. Thanks to you, Jellie_Beanie!

Don’t get yourself addicted at this place.

I have very similar clothes as the doll’s. Which makes it all the more fun. First doll is my prom look.

Speaking of prom, I so fucked up my diet. It’s the hormones I tell you. Time of the month soon and I just can’t stop eating. I sort of hate myself now. Just last night, I had congee and a Ramly burger for supper. SUPPER. It’s horrid, my confidence is hitting the pavement, my arms are like two elephant legs. Shit murthafarker shit. I’m going to bloody hulahoop for 4 hours. You hear me, I’m going to bloody do it. And I don’t care if my whole waist gets blue black. Grrrr.

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